Sunday, August 12, 2007

5 Faves

Last night as I crawled into bed with clean sheets, I started thinking to myself, "Clean sheets, all crisp and straight is definately one of my most favorite things." The only thing that would have made that better, is if my legs would have been freshly shaved, but they were not. I started to think of my other favorite things and these came into mind, anything with peanut butter and hearing my girls laugh. It was then that I realized that those 3 favorites used different senses. I then started to think about the other 2 senses and tried to pick something out that was a favorite. I thought of smelling fresh shelled peas from the garden, but it also tied with smelling my husband when he decides to wear yummy smelling cologne. That isn't very often unfortunately so I have to be happy with good smelling deodorant or shaving cream. The other favorite I could think of is seeing my lawn mowed and weed wacked. Man does it look good!
So there are my five favorites for the five senses.
Touch- clean, perfectly flat and straight sheets
Taste- anything with peanut butter in it
Sound- my girls giggling and laughing
Smell- fresh green peas in my hand on the way to my mouth, or my Matty
Sight- recently mowed lawn

If you feel like commenting on your favorite 5, please do. I would love to hear them. Just click on the comment button.

Have a super Sabbath!


Anonymous said...

Good Post Rachel. I can't tell you how many times I have changed my sheets adn wanted to get back out and shave my legs. It has to be fresh shaved legs....two or three dsay growth doesn't count. lol! SO fivce favortite things eh? Here are mine below.

Touch: Holding my babies for the first time and (lets keep it clean amanda) husband Marky-Po.
Taste: Chocolate
Sounds: My husband asking if I want a back rub and the sound of pine tress swaying in the mountains
Smell: My clean kids and fresh laundry
Sight: Rolling hills of Kentucky with white fences that go on for miles with Thoroughbreds grazing on the land. GOD SAVE THE SOUTH! AMEN!

Mom said...

Rachel, I read your blog,,,, and i laughed so hard at the Mama Mia episode,,,I have this visual of us running down the side walk.
Anyway,You wonderful talented lady you,,,Your blog is awesome, just like you. Keep it going, Your great.

Krista said...

Wow! You really got me thinking. I'll give it a try.
Touch - The softness of a newborn baby's skin.
Taste - Lomito's (An Argentine sandwich). Ooh! And Empanadas as well
Sound - I agree with you - the laughter of my Anna
Smells - I love the smell of rain. I also love the smell of baby lotion!
Sight - The mountains against a blue sky. I remember when I came back from the Bahamas they looked so fake, like they had been painted on a canvas. I sure missed them.

Rachel said...

you guys are so sweet,thanks for participating!

TORI said...

Hmmm... I am thinking....
Okay It's hard to pick just one!

Touch:Jared--of course!! Donkee's fur!
Taste:Chips & salsa with a Diet Coke
Sound:Jared's race car..Taylor giggling
Smell:Jared when he has on his yummy cologne--and also the alcohol fumes from his racecar--I know I am weird!!
Sight: a Caribbean beach, Taylor's smile

Anonymous said...

Ok, your comment thing on the post above is not there so I will commnet here.

That was sooooooooooooo funny! That door knob scene was probably frustrating on both parts. When my kids scream like that it makes my head hurt. I can't believe you had to result to taking off the door knob. And then comes the smile. It's like how can I not smile back even though I am so angry with my child.

I have had many a mornings with that in and out sleep. That seems to be the only way I could take a nap sometimes when I was prego with Lydia. BTW-your Mom sounds so cool and funny. Next time she is up here, call me and I'll sprint..most likely drive...down so I can meet her.

Hope Kendal's sleep gets better. I forgot how she looked too until I saw the picture you posted. Sweet thing. Keep us updated!


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