Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break Day 1

 I have been cleaning and spiffing up my sewing room today.  I noticed Kendal and Emmitt sneaking into the closet and picking out a few pieces of Dora the Explorer fabric that they were laying down in the hall and playing hopscotch with.  I told them that was fine, but no big messes.  Well, this is what I came out to in the living room a little while later.  My sewing room looked great, but all my novelty fabric stash was all over the living room floor!  They were having a fantastic time!  I must have really been into my cleaning not to see them sneaking all that fabric out of the room I was cleaning!

 About an hour after we got all that cleaned up and put away, I was pinning a quilt in the front room.  I heard Kendal yell "Eugene, please, help me!"  I turned around to see Kendal as Rapunzel with a long green fabric scrap for hair, and Emmitt as Eugene climbing up to save her.  They crack me up.  When I told Kendal that whatever was in the box was a breakable Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa in Missouri and that it could not be her tower, the two immediately began making a couch cushion tower.  That is what they are doing right now.  I can hear them now, and I hear the farm horses and cows have joined them in the tower.  I hope it is the plastic horses and cows!


Krista said...

That's so great that they play so well together. Hope it stays that way the rest of the break!

mom said...

Looks like they are having a fun day.


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