Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Break Day 5

 The day after Christmas, my sister Tori and her family came up to Heber City to ride the Heber Valley Railroad with us.  I had won a few train tickets, and I was able to purchase 6 more discount tickets for our fun after Christmas adventure.  We rode the 3:00 Train and Tube train.  We rode on the train around Deer Creek Reservoir, and then returned to Soldier Hollow to go tubing.  The normal tickets for this train run $38 for adults and $28 for children.  With my free and discount tickets, the math turns out to about $5.30 per ticket.  That is right!  AMAZING RACHEL!  I love KTMP radio - they are the folks that hooked me up!

 Anyway, the boys, Emmitt and Brogan LOVED the train experience.  They loved it when it had to blow its whistle while crossing all the roads to get out of town.  Brogans eyes showed pure joy!  The girls enjoyed it too.

 Matt had the day off of work and was excited for our day excursion and he enjoyed it very much.  We sat by the wood or coal stove in our train car, so Tori and I heated up really quick for some reason!  We actually opened our windows for a bit!

 Kendal loved the experience and would only sit with Tori and Jared.  She is on a baby-craze lately and she and Brogan made plenty of noise on our end of the train!

 Little Brig was put straight to sleep whenever the train was moving.  He woke up when the train stopped to turn around, but I admit, that motion and the heat made me want to fall asleep too!

 My sweet Emmitt.  He loved every minute of the day.  He loved being with Brogan, riding the train, seeing the baby, tubing, and just being with everyone else on a fun day together.

 When we stopped and got off the train at the Soldier Hollow depot, a bus took us up the hill to the tubing spot.  Matt and Jared started off the troops while Tori and I got dressed and snuggled Brig in the Lodge.  It got dark pretty quickly, so Tori's picture taking was pretty limited.

 I was surprised we didn't get colder than what we did.  Taylor and Kelsey stuck together the entire time and once I came out of the lodge, Kendal and I hooked up for a good time.  She really enjoyed it and was quite the maniac tubing girl.  She got to go down 5 times while the older girls only went down 3 times.  Emmitt and Matt stuck together and I saw them come down once.  Emmitt had his little gloved hand covering his smiling face.  It was the cutest thing I had seen all month!  Jared and Brogan went down a few times and Jared took turns with Tori so she could tube also.  At 6:00 the bus picked us up and took us back to the train depot in Heber City.

It was a super fun day with my sister and her family.  The cousins really enjoy playing with each other and I so very much enjoy Jared and Tori's company.  We finished off the night with dinner at The Dairy Keen together -  the best burgers and shakes in town.

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Mom said...

Ahhhhhhh, it looks like fun. Glad the kids had a good time. They will always remember this day. Soooo glad, you and Tori got your little families together.


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