Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Break Day 7

On Wednesday Kelsey cleaned out her room and I cleaned out the sewing room and we swapped a computer desk for a large book case.  I love the new book case in my sewing room, and she loves having a homework desk in her room now.  In my cleaning, I came across this old round robin quilt top from 2007.  I made the center apple tree and 3 other ladies from my quilt guild added the 3 additional borders.  I put on the dark brown border and took it to the machine quilter to finish.  I made this the year my Grandma Lela passed away, and it is called Grandma's Apple Tree since she had a few apple trees and there are sweet memories in my mind of playing in her apple trees and eating apples with my siblings and cousins.  I can't wait until it is finished!

 I also finished up the civil war cot quilt I am giving to my friend Amanda's dad, Larry Bowman tomorrow night.  Here is what the label says:
Made for Captain L.R. Bowman, Surgeon for 2nd Regiment Ky. Infantry.  Thank you for your kind and generous service to our brave Southern boys.  I am forever grateful, Mrs. R. Crane   October 1863

It turned out pretty nice and fun.  I hope it keeps him warm on those cold reenactment nights!  I love sewing with reproduction fabrics and with older, simple quilt block patterns that the ladies would have used in the 1860s.

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Mom said...

For some reason, I am just now getting to see some of your blog posts that were not here before.
Anyway, I love, love, love that quilt. It looks awesome. I bet he loved it sooooo much


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