Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Break Day 10, New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve, and as boring as it sounds, we are not planning on going anywhere or doing anything crazy.  We are having some fun chips and dips tonight, and some delicious munchies with the kids, and that is about it.  I plan on being in bed by 10, no kidding!  One funny story:  the kids were arguing earlier today so I put in the movie Mary Poppins for them.  All was well, and blissfully quiet as they watched the movie and sat together nicely on the couch without pestering each other.  After about a half hour, Emmitt came upstairs to where I was cutting fabric in the kitchen and said "Mom, Mary Poppins is giving me a headache!"  So he stayed upstairs, had some chocolate milk, and helped me.  It was so cute of him and it made me giggle because she gives me a headache too!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Lol @Emmitt. I just now am seeing this post too.
What a cute kid.


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