Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break Days 8 and 9

Thursday, what a day it was.

I was able to deliver the civil war cot quilt I made for Amanda's dad.  He was so sweet and grateful.  He loved it and was so appreciative.  That makes me happy and it makes me feel like the time and energy spent making the quilt was well worth it.  I went over to Amanda's house for a fun night with her and her dad, and also Caleb.  Caleb learned some Brenn Hill songs on his guitar for Amanda's dad and he sang them for us all.  It was a fun fun night just chatting with great people.

I also got the Christmas tree out (YIPPEE) and bought myself a new camera.  We will see how this one holds up.  The 3 previous Nikon Coolpix didn't seem to like my rough back-pocket-behavior!  

Kendal spent part of the day doing an optional homework assignment by reading books online.  She passed off a reading level and had a great time reading.  She is so excited to go back to school and have her teacher see how much to accomplished on the online reading program.  She and Kelsey went over to a friend's house that have 2 daughters the same age as my daughters.  They had a blast.

Today is not that exciting.  The kids are and I cleaning up more Christmas remnants.  It is warm outside, so they are headed out for a bit.  

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