Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Break Day 6

Since my camera is still angry at me and has no intention of forgiving me, I have no pictures to post for Tuesday the 27th, although plenty happened at our house today.
Kelsey and Matt went to Salina at 7:00 am to work cows, check on the baby calves, and get more firewood.  They didn't get home until late and Kelsey had a fantastic day.  That means Emmitt, Kendal, and I spent the day at home.  Those two get along really well, and they spent the morning playing with the farm toys that Santa was good enough to leave us.  I did laundry, lots of it, cleaned our very messy house, and cooked.  Christmastime seems to make this house a mess.  I really wanted to take down the Christmas tree, but I knew it would break Matt's heart, so I left it and worked on a particular civil war cot quilt for a very particular man.  I am so excited to give it to him in a few days! 

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