Friday, December 16, 2011

County Chess Tournament

Saturday my two girls played in the county-wide chess tournament.  It was a K-12 tournament, and there were kids from all 5 elementary schools in our valley there.  Kelsey played in the 3-4 grade division, and Kendal played in the K-2 division.  

Here is Kelsey during one of her matches.  Everyone got to play 5 matches.  It is so cute to see all the concentration in those rooms!

Here is Kendal playing in one of her matches also.  Gosh, they are so cute!

Kendal had a killer fever all day on Friday, all night, and into the morning.  When she finally started feeling better, all she wanted to do is play chess between matches.  She loves to play and is definitely getting better!

Here is Kelsey and her friend Liz.  There were only 7 girls in the entire tournament, K-12.  This is definitely a boy dominated event!

Here are the kids that won trophies from Kelsey's elementary school.
Trophies were given for the top ten in each division.  Everyone else got medals.

Kelsey tied for first place in her division.  She won 4 matches and had a draw on one match.  There were 26 kids in her division.  Here are all the first place winners.  That sweet little Kindergartner in the front is almost the same size as his trophy!  Can you believe that kid in yellow is in the 10th grade?  I swear they get smaller and smaller!  
It was a fun way to spend a Saturday and the girls had a ball.  Matt took Emmitt to the ranch to move cows off the mountain, and they had a great time too.


Jenn said...

Look at that trophey! Nice job Kelsey-- do you give lessons? Kade wants to be good so badly but I'm no help-- I don't know how to play. :/

Mom said...

That is so very, very awesome. Yayaya for Kelsey and Kendal.

Krista said...

So very impressed! What smart little girls you have! I have no idea how to even play.

Rachel said...

They are smart and Kendal begs to play chess every minute she is awake. I wish she were that way with reading!!!


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