Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Break Day 3 - Christmas Eve

 On Christmas Eve day, we loaded up and headed south to Salina.  We needed another load of firewood in a bad way, so we headed to the ranch.  Matt's brother Mark and his boys joined us.  They needed some firewood too.

There was a lot more snow up there than I expected.  I guess since we still don't have any here in Heber City still, I didn't think there was snow at the ranch!
The kids were great.  We worked from 11 to 3 loading the wood Matt and Mark cut into the 4 wheeler trailer and then taking the 4 wheeler off the mountain to the trucks and the large trailers waiting below. 

We brought a nice load of wood back to Heber City, and Mark got a nice load also.
When 3 o'clock hit, the air cooled off and the sun was starting to sink further in the sky.  We loaded the last load and headed to Denny's.  The kids ate like they hadn't eaten in awhile.  It was great.

 We made it home Saturday night around 8:00 and the kids were beat.  A bathtub and pajamas refreshed them and they remembered that Santa was coming!  They all slept downstairs and fell asleep very quickly.  Working hard all day was a good idea!

It was a fun day with cousins, and a fun way to spend Christmas Eve.  Since there is no snow here, it was nice to feel a bit of a white Christmas!  I told Matt that the only way to spend Christmas Eve any better than what we did, was if we were helping Santa in his workshop.

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mom said...

Dang, that looks cold.
But the kids looked like they had fun.


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