Friday, March 28, 2008

Bizarre, Strange, and Crazy

Strange things are happening at my house. Yesterday Kelsey said to Kendal "Kendal, go hide and I will come and find you." And you know what? Kendal did it! Crazy and Bizarre. Today Kelsey and Kendal were watching that cute new movie called Enchanted and Kendal started to dance, grabbed her sister's arms and WANTED Kelsey to dance with her. She actually WANTED her sister to touch her. She usually screams whenever Kelsey comes close to her. Then, prepare yourselves, the most BIZARRE Kendal moment occurred this morning when she came and told me "Poo poo" and patted her rump. I knew that she did not have a dirty diaper and I told her so, but she was persistent, "poo poo." I finally understood that she may finally be a fortune teller and she might be trying to tell me BEFORE it happened, so I rushed her to the bathroom. A few minutes, nothing, another minute and a nice big stinker escaped. She was so pleased with herself and she was "all done." No poop, but at least she is realizing something occurs down there that belongs in the toilet! CRAZY and BIZARRE!

Crazy things are also occurring with Kelsey, for instance, she made her bed this morning without me telling her or asking her! CRAZY and BIZARRE!! She also told Kendal that she could play with her carefully organized My Little Pony tub of ponies. Now that is truly strange if you know Kelsey!

Now I have saved the best for last - My sweet Matthew. He is entranced with the High School Musical song I have on my blog. He LOVES it! He comes in the computer room, logs onto the blog, picks the HSM song on my player, turns it up and then he and Kelsey just belt out the words. He said to me a week or so ago, "That would be a great soundtrack to buy, maybe I will go shopping next week during my lunch break." BIZARRE, I know! How long has that movie been out and how long did Kelsey and I sing those irritatingly cute songs that got stuck in our brains around the house and he didn't care? Funny, that my husband is loving the music of High School Musical. Funny and crazy and strange!
One more strange thing is occurring! My front porch has only 2 or 3 wet spots instead of an entire sheet of ice. The snow from my roof is all but gone! YEAH! I am not sure what all these bizarre and crazy things mean, but maybe it means SPRING! Oh, where there was snow 4 days ago, I have daffodil greens about 4 inches out of the ground! I think Spring has finally hit our little valley.


Krista said...

Congrats on the potty! Any pointers?

Epperson Family said...

It is so cool that Kendal is making Bizarre, strange, and crazy accomplishments. Her sweet little self is gradually emerging!

Jenny said...

I am really worried about Jack Jack, will bizarre, strange and Crazy things ever happen at our house? BTW, I like the 5 inches of snow all over including your roof!!!! What Spring? Bizarre!

I Love the spy K.D.C. 007, does she spy on us too!


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