Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tonight is a GLORIOUS night

Tonight is quilt guild and that means tonight is my favorite night of the month. I love going to quilt guild meeting! We have a guest doing a workshop for us tonight on applique that should be r
eally good. We will also trade around our round robin quilts. Everyone that wanted to participate took a 12" quilt block to guild meeting last month, and then we all came home with a different one. You get one month to add a border to the quilt block center that you took home, then you take it back again and take someone else's home for the month. I got a fun lady's quilt block named Michele. Here it is.
And this is what I did to it. I added a border that surely isn't my favorite, but it is done right? We do this for 4 months or so, then when you are all done, you get your own center back with 4 added borders around it. It is pretty exciting to see what everyone does to the blocks each month!

Every year our guild does a Design Challenge. This year is all about ELEMENTS, fire, water, earth, air. At the January meeting, everyone drew one of the elements out of a basket and then they had to make a quilt top with that element in mind. The top could only be 19 to 24 inches square. So then we took them to our February meeting and got the next step of the challenge. here is my FIRE top. Why did I have to draw fire?? I am the worst screaming red/orange/neon yellow person I know! I was really hoping for EARTH. I am an earthy girl! Even ask my sister, she once used 'earthy' as a descriptive word for me. Anyway, I drew fire and this is what I came up with.

At the February meeting we were given our next step, and that being to add some applique to our top. So here is my applique, and sweet Kelsey,for this month. I will take this back tonight and get the NEXT step to our design challenge. I wonder what it will be?? Add a border? Set it on point? Chop it all up and start over? The suspense is killing me!

I will report back if anyone is interested. Just know that I LOVE this night more than any other night of the month. I get to see such fun and inspiring projects that everyone has been working on. I wish I could sew all day, honestly. I might stop for ice cream once in awhile though.


mom said...

I love both your blocks,,,I do not know where you got your imigination and creativity from,,, it surely was not your mother.
Anyway,,,,,, good job, Rachel!

Jenny said...

You did awesome Rachel, Thanks for all your help with my projects too! Can't wait to see what a glittery sun looks like!!!!

JaReD, ToRi, & TaYloR said...

Oh my "earthy" sister--you make me giggle! You have a wonderful talent that I wish that I could share with you, but alas, I am my mothers daughter--who knows where you came from :) Just kidding! Your blocks are both amazing and maybe your fire one will turn out to be your fave. I think that you were destined to pick that to change things up a bit! You truly are talented!!

Epperson Family said...

of all the fire qulits yours is my favorite. It will be even better with it's bling!

Lindsay said...

Have you ever been to the Sisters Quilt Festival? It just hit me that you would totally enjoy it. I couldn't quilt to save me life, but I love looking at the quilts. Main street is shut down and quilts are hung all over town. There are also tons of other cute shops! Anyway, you and your family always welcome to stay at our house :) We still do want to meet up sometime this summer!!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I have heard about the show in Sisters. I have seen pictures and hear that it is amazing. I wish I would have been interested when we lived there! I remember Sisters for a killer Bakery on main street that had apple fritters the size of footballs. Food, you know me!
Isn't the big quilt party in July? I would LOVe to go up there, maybe I will make my friend Jenny's husband fly us up there! He went to Redmond a few weeks ago!

Lindsay said...

Yes, you should come AND you should enter a quilt too!!


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