Monday, March 31, 2008

Beautiful Belly

My sister's baby shower was a good time. My mom and I were late, my mom HATES being late. HATES it. This is what I say about my mom 'If she is not 15 minutes early, then she considers herself late.' That is truly her philosophy and I thought that it rubbed off on me a bit, but we were still late. I was driving. I hate being late too, honestly.

Tori received so many fun presents. She is well stocked on a quite a few things for awhile.
I have to share these belly pictures, sorry, but I cannot resist.

Baby Brogan should be here in a month, I am pretty excited.

I am doing another round robin and I have to take my center block to guild meeting this week. Let me know which layout you like the best. I know the colors are screwy, but I have some pretty fabric that goes with it and ties it all together. Take the poll to the left.


JaReD, ToRi, & TaYloR said...

You guys really weren't late-despite what you may think.

Krista said...

I only wish I looked that cute eight months pregnant! Way to go Tori!
BTW...cute, cute quilt for your new nephew. I bet he will soon be snuggling it!

Epperson Family said...

Tori looks really good. I'm always so much fatter at 8 months. also I like the 2nd block better

Jenny said...

I really think I am bigger than TORI!
2nd block for sure!

I need to learn how to use picasa and air brush my belly before I could ever take a picture of it!


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