Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thank goodness for Henry Chesnut and Robert Lamont

Last year on St Patrick's Day my dad called and asked if we were having corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I told him no way, I am not Irish. He then told me oh yes I was. My retort was that Mary Lamont, who is an ancestor of ours, only gave me 1/32 part Irish. That was not enough to cook a corned beef.

I was only guessing when I said 1/32, but I looked it up and I was right, Mary's father Robert was born in Ireland in 1726 and he is my great great great grandfather.

Yesterday I bought a corned beef and some cabbage to cook for dinner. I simmered the corn beef for 3 hours and holy smack, it turned out delicious. I steamed the cabbage because my brother in law Mike told me that is the only way to eat cooked cabbage, steamed and slathered in butter. It turned out delicious! Then I had a few potatoes I chopped up, added some corned beef broth too, some butter and a few seasonings and roasted. Wow, so good too.
Kendal couldn't shove that cabbage in fast enough and ate all her corned beef and Kelsey's too. We all enjoyed dinner and it turned out well.

Last night I looked in my family history charts to see if I had any more Irish in me and I found some. My mom's great grandpa, Henry Chesnut, came from Ireland. He was born in 1830 and ended up marrying a Scotish girl. (That explains my amazing accent!) So now add that pinch of Irish (1/16) to the tiny bit of Lamont Irish (1/32) and I am a whopping 3/32 Irish. I guess that will have to be enough to celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. I went to Smiths last night at 8:00 and bought 4 more corned beef briskets for the freezer.


JaReD, ToRi, & TaYloR said...

Now I know that next year, it will be perfectly, culturely correct for me to drink green beer!!! Yeah for me! (we are so different)
Note to Mom: do you remember where we were on St. Patty's day 2 years ago?.......Ft. Lauderdale to get on a ship!

mindy said...

WOW Rach! I am impressed. I wish that I was as creative and daring enough to try new things as you are. When I hear corned beef I think of... Well I'll save you from that thought.

mom said...

Tori, I do remember,,,,,,, and it makes me smile.
Glad your dinner turned out so good, Rach,,,,You lil irish devil you!

Epperson Family said...

I've had corned beef before, but didn;t like it next time you cook it I want one little taste, and If I like it I will get your recipe. It must be good though if the kids ate it right?!

Krista said...

Now you can wear a "Kiss me, I'm Irish" pin.

Krista said...

Oh, BTW...I read today that Heber City is one of the two best cities in Utah for a cowboy to live. I thought you would appreciate that!

Rachel said...

Krista, do you think they make a "kiss me I am 3/32 Irish" pin?
If anyone sees one of these, pick it up for me!
It is a good place for cowboys, that is funny. I can think of a whole lot of better places for one though!
Tori, I will remind you of your perfectly culturely correctness next year.


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