Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chocolate Syrup

Kendal takes an anti-convulsant drug every morning and every night. It comes in a capsule that you have to open up and sprinkle into her food. There are about 100 little white balls in each capsule that have been measured out perfectly. The neurologist and the pharmacist are adamant about us using the particular brand that we do and not a generic because it is measured so accurately, and that is what Kendal needs. (Darn it, the generic is about 1/10 of the price of the one we use!)
Anyway, in the mornings Kendal gets her medicine in her oatmeal. A capsule-full in the first 2 spoonfuls and we are done. The little balls are completely nasty if you chew them. I got one stuck on my finger once and it made it into my mouth unknowingly. Holy Smack, NASTY!! So very bitter and, ooh, just thinking about it gives me the chills. So we give it to Kendal in food that she does not have to chew, just swallow because she doesn't like it either. Think of a completely green banana and multiply that bitter taste by about 1000 and then add rotten eggs to it.
Her evening dose gets a little trickier. Pudding, yogurt, maple syrup, and CHOCOLATE SYRUP seem to do the trick!!

Kendal loves chocolate syrup. I will say to her "Kendal, come get your medicine" and she will come running! So does big sister because it means a treat for her too! Last night I was giving Kendal her medicine with chocolate syrup in a spoon. Kelsey wanted some too but I have made a complete germaphobe out of her and she wouldn't share Kendal's spoon because Kelsey saw Kendal rubbing her perfectly dry, clean nose earlier in the day and didn't want her "sick bugs." So, this is what it turned into, chocolate syrup down their throats. They both loved it. It happened again tonight, this might be a bad thing. I guess I need to buy some more yogurt!


Jenny said...

I don't even know where to start. You insult green banana's, you have children who are more concerned about germs than myself, and to top it all off you pour chocolate syrup down your childrens throat!!!! you truly are my idol! We prefer the carmel or butterscotch ice cream syrup over chocolate!

Spencer's Adventures said...

That is a good idea. I may have to pass it along when people ask me for recommendations at the pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

You can never get enough chocolate....even if its syrup. Good thinking Mom!


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