Monday, March 03, 2008

Matt really did it!

Matt and his brother Mike flew to Spokane, Washington on March 1st to buy a couple of trucks. There is a dealership in Kellogg, Idaho that has killer deals on trucks, SUVs, and cars. Matt has been wanting a truck for years and years. He started to get serious around Christmastime and I figured he wouldn't really do it. Mike helped him get even more serious though because he found a great deal on a new truck.

Here is Mike and Matt standing by their new trucks. They are pretty much the same truck, but Mike's is a dually. Lets see if I can sound like a man and tell you what kind it is. 2008 Dodge Cummins Diesel, quad cab, long bed, white (ha ha ha), maybe that is all I know. Sorry to all you men that expected a big spill of numbers and words describing the brake system or something like that. Oh, actually, it has a Jake Break, I learned what that was yesterday!

Matt called me around 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday to tell me they were about finished with all the paperwork and that they were going to get on the road soon and head for home. I asked him how many miles his new truck had on it and he said 24, I asked him to take a picture of the odometer for me!

Here is proof that it really happened, there is the beauty in our driveway. I drove it today. It is pretty fun and I think we are going to have a super great summer playing in the hills with it.


Lindsay Cameron said...

Congrats Matt. I know that Joe will be jealous. Have fun with your new truck!

Jenn said...

I wondered if the ownership of that shinny new truck sitting in your driveway was yours! How fun for you guys!
24-- I didn't know the odometer went that low. I was sure it started at at least 10,000. :)

mom said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Matt,,,, that is so very groovy,,,He really deserves the truck,,,,, but what about "ole Green"? LOL

Rachel said...

Ol Green will still commute him to work and back as long as she lives. He can't give up ol green!

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

ok Rachel now that we are
truck drivin women. Where
do you want to drive too?
We got our new toyota tundra
quad the end of Dec. and I
have to drive that big thing
every where I go so that John
can save on the gas driving
down the canyon every day.
Wendy has a new big truck
too. We'll have to get a
picture of all us truckers
to put on our blogs(lol)

Spencer's Adventures said...

Congratulations! There was a sweet white Dodge next to me as we were leaving class this morning. It took me a second to realize it was yours. We are looking forward to some fun times this summer too. Let us know if you find a good place to go!

mindy said...

Now if we could just get thtat tight wad to invest in a four wheeler.... I will have to see what Mike can do. I am so excited!! I guess your first off road trip will be EASTER!!!!

Krista said...

Congrats Matt! So, I'm curious about what he thought of Kellogg. That is where we went on our honeymoon (real romantic...I know!).

Epperson Family said...

What a cool truck! Do you need and babysitter so you two can go get some mud on the tires? I'll tend for ya!

Krista said...

BTW...We got our trampoline at Sam's Club and it came with the safety net and a basketball hoop. We feel it was a good deal...$350.

Amanda lee said...

Thanks to Vicki I feel out of the loop with my big arse van:)

Congrats to you and're movin' up in the world. I bet he's a happy man with a 24/7 smile on his face. Maybe if he drives the truck he'll say yes to a group COUPLES date...ok, maybe not. That's pushing it. I love the truck and you both have earned it!


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