Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What a year it has been!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Kendal going to see the doctor for her crazy seizures, although, we weren't exactly sure IF they were seizures then. At the end of March last year she started doing this wierd jerky thing every now and then, so I took her to see our family doctor here in town. We figured it was a muscle thing, but our doctor sent us to see a neurologist at Primary Children's in SLC. In the meantime the jerks/seizures were getting more severe and were occuring more often, like 10 to 15 times a day.
After weeks of tests and months of different medications, it was determined that Kendal has infantile spasms, a severe form of epilepsy in infants. There is a whole huge story, but I just wanted you to see some pictures.

These 2 are of Kendal in April of 2007, when the seizures were growing stronger and stronger and we were trying to figure out medicine dosages.

These 2 pictures were in July 2007 when she was on a hard core injectable drug, ACTH. She looked horrible and felt even worse. It was a rough summer with ACTH; kidney stones, high blood pressure, MASSIVE weight gain, compromised immunity, twice daily trips to the ER for 9 weeks, twice daily injections for 9 weeks, Potassium levels too low, and a few other things including STRESSED out momma!! By this time she had stopped talking completely and remained totally silent, besides crying, for about 6 weeks.

Here is Kendal last week. She is doing so well. The speech therapist and occupational therapist did a 6 month review on her last week. She is about up to snuff in her motor skills, social, emotional, and self help areas. Her speech is still around 22 to 24 months, but it is amazing how many new words she has been saying lately. She is still on some medication that is considered a speech inhibitor and she will be on this medicine, an anti-convulsant, for a few years. She is doing so well and I am so grateful that everything has turned out okay with her. We are looking forward to a super summer this year since we were pretty much home bound last summer. She is such a sweet heart and I am so proud of her and what she is overcoming.


Spencer's Adventures said...

Go Kendal! She was so cute at the library today. You guys deserve to have a blast this summer!

Adree said...

Man Rachel I think you get the best mom award for 07 for sure. I am so glad to hear that things are going better.

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

thank the good lord for all
our blessings and Kendal is
truly a blessing. I enjoy when
she wants to have me hold her
when we sit in front or behind
you in church. I love to read
her story books with her and
enjoy her attention. She is
precious and so is Kelsey
Mom's not to bad either.

mom said...

I know ( well probably not REALLY know) how hard last summer was. It made my heart ache,,, but she seems to be doing so well,,,, and if there was any mom in the world that could handle it,,,, it was you!
Big huggs,,, its gonna be a great summer,,, and great from now on.

Chris and Brittany said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you guys. You had such a hard year. I'm amazed by what a awesome mom you are. Kendall is looking great. oh, and I forgot to vote, but I like the second one.

Jenny said...

She is my girl! What huge changes this past year has brought! I am looking forward to more and more progress! She is a Sweet Heart!

Jenn said...

YEA for Kendall!

Epperson Family said...

She is doing awesome! She sure loves that playdough, maybe I'll buy her some finger paints for spring break! Are you ready for that?

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone for your votes of confidence and all that PRAISE! I love you all for brightening my day.


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