Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Woodies

The Princess and the Pea/Sleeping Beauty

My dad made what we fondly call 'the woodies' about 30 years ago. The Woodies are a wood couch and a matching wood rocking chair. My grandma then made some brown cushions for the couch and chair. The Woodies were made with only a table saw and my dad's amazing mind. When Matt and I got married, we got the woodies. The woodies have been to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and all over Utah. The woodies are special to me for some reason but to most people they are not that impressive.
The Woodies have so many childhood memories for me. We used to wake up early Saturday morning, go to the fridge and get some cheese, crawl UNDER the woody couch and watch The Smurfs. This is only one memory, there are many involving The Woodies. My kids love to play hide and seek under the woody couch, and use it's cushions for making forts, huts, beds, paths through the alligator swamp or hot lava, and buildings for trucks and dolls.


mom said...

Ahhhh, yes "The Woodies"....I remember you kids hiding under that couch, thinking no one knew you were there, (and you were there every time.)
Its amazing what a man can do,,, with little funds, a bit of wood, and a amazing mind. Long live "The Woodies!)

Anonymous said...

where is the picture of the Woodies?


Anonymous said...

maybe next post Joe

Grandpa C. said...

I see the princess on the pile of mattress's, did she feel the pea?

Rachel said...

Yes dad, of course, she is a real princess!!


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