Monday, April 28, 2008

What a Wild Weekend!

What a great weekend! My weekend was so chock full of good times, I cannot put it all in one post, so here is Saturday.

My cousin Amber planned such a super class reunion. If she EVER starts her own catering business, you all would be smart to hire that woman! The food was fabulous, no, better than fabulous. Plus, she had it decorated so cute and just all the extra touches, she is amazing. Her wonderful husband did all the cooking for us too, delicious! Thanks Andy!
Well, here are some of my classmates, smiling for the camera. I cannot describe how much fun I had on Saturday just hanging out with these guys and their spouses. We remembered quite a few fun things together. We were looking at a yearbook from 1992 and gas prices then were $1.10 in good ol' Wayne County. That means they were $1 or lower everywhere else. We sure miss those good ol days!

I always do this, when I get home from a social function like this I reflect on all the stupid things I said. Well, it happened again. Not that I said anything EXTRA stupid to be embarrassed about, but just so much little stupid things. I need to learn to shut my trap sometimes. But I still had such a good time. We made up a trivia page of 'who did what' that we went through and laughed and laughed at some of the crazy things that happened while we were together in school. My dad always tells me that I spend too much time remembering, that is not always a bad thing, especially when it brings tears to your eyes from laughing so hard.

This picture is Amber, Amy, Me, and Holly. Amber was our Studentbody President and fun maker, Amy was our most amazing volleyball, basketball, (okay, I could name every sport here) and piano player, and Holly was the cutest cheerleader, dancer, and smart girl. They are great people and great friends. Thanks for such a good time everyone!

Saturday night Kendal and I went to Richfield with my parents and met Matt and Kelsey there for a dance recital. My niece Paige on the Crane side and my niece Presley on the Chappell side are in the same dance class so we went to watch them dance. So very cute! They did a super job. Matt kept yelling at them "GO PRESLEY" and "GO PAIGE" louder than anyone else in the auditorium! I hope it boosted their ego because all those people looking over our way didn't boost mine!

This is Kendal and Lainee. They are about 4 months apart in age and Kendal LOVES Lainee. It is one of the few cousin names she will say, and when she says it her eyes light up and she smiles. Hooray for Lainee! She shared her raisins with Kendal too, so the bond of love just grew stronger!

After the recital we went for ice cream with Presley and the crew. Presley is almost 5 and a good head taller then Kelsey. They used to fight like cats and dogs a few years ago, but they get along great now. My mom was so nervous that she was going to have 2 grandgirls that hated each other, but all is well, thankfully. My mom is SO GLAD they grew out of that stage.

My friend Jen introduced sweet Kendal to soft ice cream last week. Life will never be the same.

It is so fun to just be with my family. I sure love them and I love the person I am when I am with them. I guess ice cream brings out the goodness of everything.


Jenny said...

Kendal is almost 3 years old, someone has to share the pleasures in life with her. Okay it was just ice cream and she loves it! I am glad you had a nice time, I love ideal dairy, been there good ice cream. P.S. Wild = over 30 with kids and giggly???

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

looks like you had a lot of
fun. families are great. You
still look as young as you did
in your reunion. Very cute

Jenn said...

Ideal Dairy! Love it! Especially their frozen yogurt! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Speaking of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt don't introduce Kendal to Maverik frozen yogurt. I seriously think there is some kind of addictive addative they put in it. It's my addiction for sure.

Epperson Family said...

Lots like you had a blast at your reunion and w/the fam! Sometimes it's just good to be home!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, that is the kind of ice cream Rowser gave her! And then I made the horrible mistake of going there with her last week and getting one, it truly is horriblely delicious!


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