Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kelsey is looking out for us!

Kelsey said our family night time prayer last night and part of it went like this:
"...and please let my belly ache be gone when I wake up. And please bless Kendal's leg that it won't hurt anymore, and that she can get off her medication, and that she can say at least one new word tomorrow. Bless daddy at work tomorrow that he won't get bitten by a dog or a cat or any other animal..."

Well, Kendal's new word today was "minute" when I told her "just a minute." She kept saying it whenever I was in a hurry. Kelsey's belly ache is gone and I am not sure if Matt got bitten by anything yet, but I doubt it. Kelsey is taking care of us isn't she?


Krista said...

I love children's prayers. They are so innocent.
I just got caught up on your blog. I think that the potion is hilarious! I love how you handled the situation. But poor Kendal. I couldn't imagine having my hair ripped out one piece at a time!

Jenny said...

Maybe she could include some Rowser names and blessings in her prayers???? I would like to be 7 months prego and look like I am only 8 pounds over normal weight! Jacob could use some blessing that mom will not make cookies with nuts in them... you get the idea!

Brittany said...

that is so sweet...your girls are such cuties! How is Tori? I check her blog everyday to see if she has had the baby yet!

Rachel said...

she is good, she went to the doc yesterday, she was at a 3 1/2 and almost all thinned out. He stripped her so maybe this weekend? Maybe next weekend, hopefully not, she is ready to have that 9 pound weight on her cervix exit. Those are her words!

Jen, we will start putting you in our prayers! It will probably work, look how well Andrew is doing and we have prayed for him every day for 8 months!

Jenn said...

Gotta love sweet prayers!


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