Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesdays are Soccer Days

Tuesdays are so great and so crazy. Matt has most Tuesdays off, which is great, because that means Mom has a sort of day off too, sort of. Matt is the coach for Kelsey's soccer team and they play on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So we went to today's game and it was great.

Here is Kendal and Jack. Kelsey's team played against our good friends, the Rowsers team and it was fun to watch them play. Notice Jack's legs here. When Kendal got her cast on, Jen said that she was going to have Jack casted too, for sympathy and also to slow him down a little. Well, here is the sympathy. He told his mom his leg was broke today with both of them being in the same pant leg. Jack is so dang cute.

Kelsey has improved alot since last year. It is amazing to see what a year can do. She is pretty aggressive, Matt says she needs to be more aggressive but I think she is playing great. Last year she wanted to cheer rather than play, and only touched the ball a few times per game. This year she is having fun and getting into the action more.

Here is Coach Crane, what a good job he did today. The smaller kids, the 4, 5, and 6 year olds, play 3 on 3 so they get alot of action on the field. A cute little girl Sydney wouldn't play without holding her big sister's hand. That is what I got to do last week when I coached the team, hold Sydney's hand and run around the field. Once she got going today, she ditched her big sister and played by herself. These kids are so funny!

Kelsey is so proud of her grass stained knees, she made me take a picture. She also has a few little bruises from our last game. As I type this I realize that those dirty knees did not get cleaned before bed. My mom swears that is what gives everyone nightmares - going to bed dirty.

Kendal wanted a picture of her legs too, actually, I did, she just wanted to sit by her sister. Kendal has a little sore on the top of her foot and her leg is a little raw and chappy on the one side that she scoots around on. I put lotion on it a few times a day so it won't dry out and fall off!


mom said...

Soooooooooo. were there any nightmares??
Kelsey looks like she is having fun,,,,,, yyayyaya!! Go Kelsey!

Epperson Family said...

Looks like you guys are having fun playing soccer. I can't believe none of our kids are on the same team:( I guess Heber has got too big again!

Jenny said...

Jack Jack was so good to have a broken leg for the entire game. I think our kids are getting a bit big for strollers! Kelsey was awesome, and my little nature lovers did pretty well too!

Amanda lee said...

WHO WON????? J/K, I can't believe we aren't playing either one of you guys. Kelsey sure does get into that game, wish my boys wanted to play:):):)


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