Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sleep deprived

Kendal had her 4th EEG today. It was just a check up EEG because the neurologist wanted to see what her brain waves are looking like now. Kendal did so well this time around with letting them put all the electrodes on her head. I can't remember how many there are, maybe 35 or so. The Dora book was the lifesaver. She was busy with Dora while the tech put all the electrodes on and wrapped her up. It only took one tech this time. Kendal's first EEG a year ago (her first one was April 11th 2007) took 4 of them plus Matt and I!

Kendal was supposed to fall asleep so they could get some sleeping brainwaves. They left us for about 20 minutes in the complete dark and she was still turning the pages to the Dora book thinking she was still reading. She never did fall asleep and then she got restless and started to rip all the wires out of the top of her head. That is when I, being the very sensitive mother that I am, kindly wrapped her up in a blanket "tight like a taco." That is the nice way of saying I put her in a straight jacket made out of a blanket! The tech was appreciative she didn't have to place all the electrodes again, but that was the end of the EEG. Thank goodness!

She was a pretty good sport considering it all. In order for her to fall asleep during the EEG, I was supposed to 'sleep deprive' her. The instructions they give me tell me to keep her up 2 hours later than normal the night before and get her up 2 hours earlier than normal in the morning. So last night, Kelsey got sent to bed and Kendal and I watched a movie from the library called Middlemarch. It is like the whole Sense and Sensibility thing but not so womanly dramatic. It was good I guess and it was kind of nice to just sit on the couch with Kendal. That NEVER happens. The broken leg helped quite a bit! I put her to bed at 11:30, 3 hours later than normal. Matt headed to Salina right after work to go fix some high dollar cow and calf they just bought. I called him at midnight and he was sitting in the corral with his brother nursing along a new calf. He got home this morning at 6:15. Can you believe that? He normally leaves for work at 6:30 am. I asked him if he got any sleep last night and he said he had to stop in Santaquin and sleep for an hour on his way home at 5:00 am. He had today off gratefully so he could get Kelsey to school while I went to Primary Children's with Kendal. Anyway, I got Kendal up around 7:30, I should have gotten her up earlier but I was so dang tired! Why is it that sewing until midnight never bothers me, but watching a movie because I HAD TO sure got to me? My whole point of this story is to tell you all how easy it is for parents to be sleep deprived and how UNEASY it is for kids to be sleep deprived! Darn them!

It is snowing right now and Kelsey's first soccer game of the season got cancelled so I think we are headed to bed early tonight.


mom said...

Well,I am glad it was not so tramatic (not sure that is spelled right) this time.Pretty soon, you all will be ole pros at docs office,,,,OH MY HELL, I HOPE NOT!!!!
Sleep well, and have nice dreams.

Spencer's Adventures said...

Kendal is amazing - and so dang cute! She sure is able to handle a lot of stresses in life!

Jenn said...

6 people down to 1! Now that's progress!

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Way to go Kendal, she is
so cute. She is getting
use to all the poking from
her head to her toe. You
are really lucky she is
so good but what the hay
she has a good mom, dad
and big sister to support

Epperson Family said...

I can't believe the things they make kids go through. It doesen't seem to phase them though. Too bad it's not that way for the parents!


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