Thursday, April 03, 2008

I love to sleep in

This morning after I turned off the alarm to go to kickboxing and rolled over, after I got up and made my sweet husband his lunch and breakfast, and after he left for work at 6:30, I went back to bed, and I was laying there enjoyed the goodness of my bed when I heard the most beautiful noise. BIRDS SINGING OUTSIDE! It made me smile. I snuggled further into my down comforter and let those glorious angels of spring sing me back to sleep! I am so excited spring is here, but the last time I posted something about spring we got snowed on again! Let's hope April will be wonderful.

The singing birds started out my day magnificently, and I am grateful because today is the day of all days - quilt guild meeting! Thanks everyone that voted on my block layout. I did receive a few phone calls in order to get a few votes, and I must say that I am going with the majority, that being the second one. I will post a picture of the finished top in July when I get it back!

I hope everyone else has a super day. I can even deal with cleaning the bathrooms with a smile on quilt guild day! I guess I better get that done today.


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you were this morning. Its ok, you didn't miss too much. There were only four of us. It started out as five of us and then as I was moving out the kick boxing stands the pad came off and the plastic stand swung back and knocked Tori in the mouth and gave her a fat lip. She had to go home and put ice on it. No teeth lost though thank goodness! I felt sooo bad. She worked us out good and after four weeks I realized I had been doing my punches wrong. Got that fixed today, lol!

Yea for Quilt! It's nice you have something that makes you so happy. Your quilt guild feel good feeling is like my brings a little pitter-patter to my heart....and then I will die of skin cancer in my later years, but at least I will have experienced pure happiness!

Jenny said...

Pitter Patter of Happiness! I like that! We told Jacob that the snow wouold be gone by his birthday, this was a few months ago and I had NO IDEA! GO GUILD GO!

Epperson Family said...

Sorry I kept you up late and you had to miss Kick boxing! thanks for all your help this past week, makes you wish you weren't my mentor HUH? anyway gald you had a good spring day. Hopefull spring is here to stay!

Lindsay said...

Such a good wife to make breakfast and lunch for your husband! Mine was quick to point out that I don't do this for him :) I forgot to vote, but I liked the quilt pattern that won.

Rachel said...

Heather, not your fault, promise. My bed was just so wonderful!!

Lindsay, so sorry about getting you into a tight spot. Tell Joe it is a Utah thing, maybe he will move out here if I make his lunch! Hee hee hee


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