Monday, April 07, 2008

Do houses have roots?

I noticed a pretty white house out in the middle of an alfalfa field years ago when we first moved here. I thought it was so pretty and so perfect, a beautiful house in the middle of a huge space. Well, that alfalfa field is being developed into a subdivision and they moved that house! I have never seen a house being moved before although I have heard about it. This house used to be quite a ways away from the main road, but now I can see the basement or foundation hole they are going to put it on right next to the road. I figured I better get a picture before it gets planted. I guess now they don't have to develop the subdivision around the house, the house will just be part of it. I was sad to see that pretty house on 10 acres be moved to a pretty house on a 1/4 acre with a subdivision. Things would be different if I ran the county! My lot would still be an alfalfa field too! I guess I am still used to rural, I mean really rural.

After I took this picture, Kelsey asked me if houses had roots. We drove by it today on our way to the library and she asked me "Did that house get planted yet?"


Krista said...

It is sad when developments come in and take over all the beautiful land. I hate going into Lehi for that same reason. You can't even get onto main street anymore. I miss my small town.
I love Kelsey's comment. I think homes should have roots!

Jenn said...

Did you know the girl that owns that house is on our softball team--she was last year I'm assuming she is this year too. She kept telling us last year they would be moving her house and when I saw which house it was I was floored. I wanted to see how they would do it so thanks for capturing it! :)


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