Saturday, September 22, 2007

99 bottles of beer, uh, salsa on the wall

This is me, the big blue one in the center, and my 4 Crane sister in laws, Mindy, Emiko, Amanda, and Lisa. We got together, along with our 13 children, 11 of which are under the age of 5, today and made salsa, relish, and a little jam. Are we crazy? Well, yes and we all have Mindy to blame for the fun day. I posted a post a while ago about me canning my green beans and that gave Mindy the SUPER idea that we should all get together and can salsa. It really was a good time, messy, but good.

If you add somewhere around 20 pounds of peppers, a few bushels of tomatoes, and 3 or 4 trips to the grocery store worth of onions into a big pot, this is what you get. Okay, 2 big pots. Oh yeah, and an ENTIRE bottle of lemon juice with a few other key ingredients also.

We cooked the salsa inside, but when it came to processing it, we did it outside. It worked out pretty well, even in the rain. We were extremely efficient! We worked together very well too. They say too many cooks spoil the stew, not in our case, all of us made it into perfection.

95 bottle of salsa, count em!

I picked some of my raspberries because MINDY wanted to make jam. The jam was super delicious. Lainee LOVED it! Her mom Amanda says she spends alot of time in her other grandma's raspberry patch!

Okay, here is the finished story. 95 bottles, equalling 87 1/2 pints of salsa, 26 pints of relish, and 5 1/2 pints of raspberry jam. TA DA!! Mindy also had me purchase a couple of boxes of peaches for her to make into jam in her spare time!! She technically and truly has no spare time. She is the busiest person I know, honestly. Good luck girl!

Thanks to my sister in laws for a pretty dang fun Saturday, and very productive too! I was home by 8:00 pm!

My title says there were 99 bottles of salsa on the wall, well, not technically, but at least one. We made a little mess, sorry Ellen! We did clean up pretty well, but I don't think we wiped off the wall behind the stove!


acrane said...

Hey rachel
what a fun day we had but I am wore out. You should have left out t he pictures of the pregnatn one (me). J.K
Thanks for the fun day every one.
And please email me those pictures
Than ks

Mom said...

Wowowowow, sounds like a busy day,,,,It will be a day that you all remember,,,,you lil Betty Crockers You!

Krista said...

Very impressive. I have to tell you that I love the music that you have put on your blog. When I heard the Chris Ledeux(sp?) it reminded me of when we all went to his concert in Salina for your bridal shower. What fun memories!

Rachel said...

I am glad you like the music Krista. I was living 15 years ago when I picked the songs!

Anonymous said...

And it goes so fast. We opened our second bottle yesterday and it is the best Salsa ever!!! Thanks everyone, I learned A LOT and had a great time. Mindy

Rachel said...

Matt has also opened his second jar of salsa and he opened a relish last night. All I can say is that I am glad we ran out of chips and hot dogs!!
It is pretty dang good!

Anonymous said...

Just hanging out all day had to have been a blast. That awsome you have such good friends as sister in laws. I bet the cousins had a great time too! It looked soooooo good!!!! I could go for some chips and salsa about right now....I guess I need to eat some lunch:D


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