Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our pumpkins

Mindy, you knew this one was coming didn't you?
This my friends is my bathtub, the one we don't use that often.
These are my home grown pumpkins. We had a killer frost 2 nights ago and my pumpkins and tomato vines are dead. DEAD. So, I have to harvest the pumpkins. Here comes a nifty food storage lesson for all of you. If you want so store pumpkins or winter squash for a while this is what you have to do: place them in a warm (75 degrees) place for 10 days. Then, clean them up perfectly and wipe them down with a rag with a little vegeatble oil on it. Then you can store the pumpkins or squash for months and months in a place where the temps are between 50 and 60 degrees.
So there you go!
The bathtub is my holding place that isn't quite 75 degrees, but the closest I have to that. I am not going to keep them there for 10 days, although I could since nobody is coming to stay with me and use the shower!! I figure a few days of CURING (that is the word Mindy) is good enough for me since they only have to last until Halloween.
If anyone knows if the green pumpkins will ripen and turn orange even though the vine is gone, let me know. I have about 20 green pumpkins outside!
The big one, hidden under the others on the right, weighs more than both my girls put together!
Shoot, I forgot my eating for the day!
Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast
Finished of the last of the choc chips, only 1/4 of a bag
3 huge handfuls of Ruffles chips
Nice piece of Lasagna for lunch
Dinner is yet to come, but I will be good, promise!


Krista said...

Holy Pumpkins Batman! I am very impressed! BTW...I totally forgot about you not eating chocolate until halfway through the year. You did have awesome will power because I know I had to have chocolate to make it through some of those classes!

Tori said...

You are brillant! Question is, are you and the girls going to carve all your pumpkins?

Anonymous said...

Matt might have to move out if you have to bring in anymore pumpkins... they are huge! I'll bet girls had fun packing them into the house (the one's they could lift) Good job! Hope it works.

Anonymous said...

HOLY MACAROLLI RACHEL! I am so impressed with your pumkins and your garden! When the 2nd coming comes I am headed down to your house for food storage, then Debbie's across the street from you, and then I'll end with the Arnolds:)because all I have is a few soup cans of soup no one will eat. Did you learn all of this from your mother becasue she deserves a pat on the back for teaching you how to garden and store food. My family seriously lacks in that area so it's not my fault it's my parents:) I want to see ALL of them carved and glowing by HAlloween adn then I want some garlic oven roasted pumkin seeds and then a pumkin pie PlEASE, LOL!

Rachel said...

Krista, do I need to remind you about Stacy Leavitt's 'Better than you know what' cake that made me give in? It was fabulous!
No, we are not carving the big ones, they will be decor!
I carried those honeyies in all by myself! Kelsey opened and closed the door for me so Kendal wouldn't escape!
Oh Amanda honey, I do not have very much food storage, so don't count on me! I will meet you at the Proctors and the Arnolds!!
We will see about that pie.


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