Sunday, September 23, 2007

Love At Home

For some of you, this may be a familiar scene at your home, your kids hugging each other, but at our home, this is monumental! Kendal has a hard time accepting affection and showing affection. But she is getting better. For instance, I haven't had a kiss from her since before Christmas. I think Matt might have gotten one this spring, maybe.

So, as you can see, Kendal is hugging on her own free will. Kelsey is such a little lover, that she sometimes forces Kendal into it and ends up crying when she gets bitten by my little Piranha. Today, Kendal instigated the hug, it truly was amazing. Kelsey closed her eyes and basked in the show of love from her little sister.
Then, after all the hugging, another amazing thing happened, Kendal actually wanted to play with Kelsey. That is a rarity. So she bounced on Kelsey's full tum tum, since this was right after lunch. Kelsey might have thought of throwing up, but she was too busy enjoying Kendal's attention and affection. Kendal even let Kelsey hold her hands and dance with her today to some music, and a few days ago, she played Ring Around the Rosies with us!!
Kendal is getting better at letting Matt and I hug her and hold her, but she usually pushes Kelsey away. Here we are, on the couch loving Kendal before she squirms off, even though she is preoccupied with her sock!
This is called a Kelsey Sandwich. It was a good day. Things are getting better at the Crane household.


Mom said...

Yayayayaya! It makes me all teary -eyed,,,,Yes, to others it may seem trivial, but to you guys,,, It IS fantastic.(i won't say that super-cali word).You all had a tough summer,,,and many people did not know or understand the extent of it,even me, but maybe all the crap you went thru was worth it,,,,,, yayayaya for Kendal.

Anonymous said...

She is looking sooooo good. We had fun with her yesterday, yes Rach even with the pushing. It doesn't bother us, just you as her mother. It cracks me up the big old smile that is on her face, she is making up for lost time! (Mr. Unsociable on the back couch didn't get in on the wrestling?) Mindy

Rachel said...

No, Matt refrained from joining in this time around. When Matt and Kelsey wrestle, someone always ends up crying, and it isn't always Kelsey!

Thanks mom!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! I can't imagine one of my kids not want me to love on them for that long. How hard that must have been. It's amazing what a hug can do to a parent. Loving yourusic

Brittany said...

Those pics are so cute!! I cannot belive how much Kelsey looks like you! Kendal look so good!

p.s. I am glad that I could make Matt get a laugh....he it probably just laughing becasue he has probably seen someone like me, when he has been out hunting:)

acrane said...

yeah rachel.
I am so excited kendal is looking so good. It was so fun to see her on Saturday. Mace was so excited that she would come up and hug him and let him hold her. It was really fun to hang with you guys even though I am a slave driver j/k
Well I am so excited for you she is going to keep improving I know it.
Love ya

Tori said...

Yay for Kendal! Such a great thing to see! Maybe if I am lucky she will love on me--although I learned the trick to that at the reunion---a sucker! She was my best friend when it was in my posession, although it didn't feel good when she ripped it out of my mouth, but hey she loved me, if only for a moment!


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