Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rachel actually leaves town!

Kelsey and I went on a date last night. It was great. I have wanted to do something with her like this for a long time, and I finally just did it. And you know what? Matt and Kendal were both okay and the house was still here when we got home! Imagine that? I didn't think any of that was possible if I left town!
We went to BYU's World of Dance performance. It was super. Kelsey and I both totally enjoyed it.
For some strange reason, we had front row tickets! Imagine that? When I booked tickets, I really wanted Thursday night but all they had was back row balcony. So I said Wednesday then and she said "Okay, we still have some great seats left." I never thought those would be front row. I took this picture of us with the timed delay and the camera was sitting on the stage!

We couldn't take pictures during the show, DANG IT! So these are shots after the performance. I just randomly asked people if I could take their picture with my daughter, I didn't know any of them. This is Kelsey with a girl from the Ballroom Dance Company. Their last number was a Spanish dance with the HUGE twirly skirts. Kelsey said it was her favorite, although she said that about all of the dances when the girls wore big dresses!
This is Kelsey with a REAL ballerina! She was so excited to see real ballerinas and she loved it when they went up on their tip toes.
Kelsey really liked the International Folk Dancers. She is dressed up in a Turkish outfit. They really did dance amazingly. Kelsey was even impressed with the guys!
We had a super time and got to see 14 different numbers from the following BYU dancers: Ballroom Dance Company, Couragettes, The Dancers Company (personally my favorite, they did this AMAZING clap, stomp, jive dance thing), International Folk Dance Ensemble, Advanced Tap Students (very loud and very cool), and the Theatre Ballet.
So, if you would all like to become more culturally aware like me (ha ha ha), they have alot more performances coming up, 5 until Christmas. I don't know what they all are, I just know the names. Here you go, University Dance Assembly, Dancensemble, Ballet Showcase, Christmas Around the World, and Senior Projects Showcase. Go see one or two!
It is so funny, I don't even like BYU in general, and look at me, I am a great little advertiser for them!
Okay, boring part, my food intake!
Last night's dinner was an apricot jam and peanut butter sandwich, a couple pieces of jerky, and 10 fig newtons.
Today's consumption consists of
Bowl of Captain Crunch cereal
A few more fig newtons!
3 pieces of banana bread
1 pint of chocolate milk, minus a few Kendal sips . Do you like how I got that chocolate in for the day?
Handful of Honeycomb
We are having Beef Stroganoff for dinner
Oh yeah, I put some cucumbers in vinegar and water today, I think I will go eat some! I will report back.
Thank you all for allowing me to do this, it really is helping me! I refrained from the Cheetos just so I wouldn't have to tell you I ate the whole bag. Which I didn't! Not even one!


Mom said...

That looks sooooo fun, and i bet Kelsey enjoyed being with "just mom". Glad ya both had a good time,,,,,, it looks "marvy."

Amanda lee said...

I am jelious! I can't wait till Lydia is old enough to do a girl's night out,just the two of us! What a fun experience for Kelsey. She will always remember that night. That so cool you took pictures of her with the dancer. I bet it made her feel special. Go BYU, I had no idea they offered that stuff and your seats were close to the stage. You couldn't have planned that one more perfectly!

Tori said...

How fun! I bet Kelsey was in heaven with all those dancers. I can hear her now, "Oh how beautiful!" with her big brown eyes just a sparkling.

Rachel said...

that is exactly how it was Tori!


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