Saturday, September 29, 2007

SNOW, by the way, they are ranked 1st in the nation for football I heard, GO SNOW COLLEGE!

It is snowing in Heber City, right now. Don't you love that my chairs are still out? Well, any attempt to harvest the rest of the pumpkins is gone I think. No recon mission there.

Matt and Kelsey went to the in laws this morning, a 2 hour drive. He just called and said they were leaving because it is raining so hard down there they can't get done what they needed to. So now, I have to figure out dinner! I thought I was dinner free tonight! Darn it! But I am glad they are coming home now rather than later tonight. Who knows what the weather will be like then?

So, today is one of those bad munchy days. Why do we have them? I could seriously eat and eat all day long today. I want you to know that the ONLY reason I haven't yet is because I have to fess up to everything I partake. Which is still quite a bit today.
I cooked myself 3, yes 3 scrambled eggs and one piece of DRY toast for breakfast this morning. Delicious!!
Kendal and I then went to Park City Walmart, AGAIN, (this week I have gone more than in the past 3 months, honestly.) to pick up a few more very important items. We went to Wendy's for lunch and I ordered a hamburger kids meal and a baked potato. We shared. I ate at least 1/2 of the fries, remember they put small fries in kids meals! I also ate the entire hanburger, and of course, 1/2 of the chocolate frosty. Kendal loved my potato and so I will say that she ate the most of it. Wendys was a good thing today. Comfort food!

When we got home, I made some jam. I picked a bunch of my raspberries yesterday. I had to add a peach and some strawberries to the berries to make enough fruit for the recipe. How many people have had raspberry, strawberry, peach jam? Well, I just ate a piece of toast with some extra jam that didn't fit into a bottle and it is marvelous! Oh yeah, and there were a few strawberries left over that I ate, yummy!

We will see what I figure out for din din.
Thanks again for keeping the munchies away today! You honestly don't know what you have saved me from, the cupboards are screaming at me today!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, I hear you on the munchy thing!!!!! Like I told you th eother day, I find my self going to bed early to keep me from snacking after I eat dinner. I enjoy reading your honest food diary. It helps me knowing you struggle the same way I do in the whole food area. Man, if we were roomates in college, we would have been a little on teh thick side because of our serious love for food and chocolate. It brings me such joy and comfort during any state of mind.

That's a long way to the in laws. What a good son he is. I am sure Kelsey enjoyed time a lone with Daddy. He is so good with his girls.

Krista said...

I'm actually jealous that you got some snow. We didn't get anything down here, only a little bit of rain. I am so excited for the fall. We missed it completly last year when we were in the Bahamas.
BTW...Go Badgers!!!!

Tori said...

Yeah--crappy weather weekend! Price was so DANG cold! I thought I was going to freeze to death! Burrrrrr!

Mom said...

Bahhhhhhh Humbug @ Winter.

Rachel said...

Krista sweetheart, I am glad you are loving this fall thing, I am too, but I really don't think you are going to get any sympathy from this crowd about being in the Bahamas last year!

You crack me up.

Amanda, thick is my middle name!


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