Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Okay folks, here is my confession. I always thought I had so much will power. I don't. I am not sure where it went because I know I used to have some. Maybe it went out with the 1995 hair do, wait, no I still have that! Anyway, I feel that if I am going to actually lose some weight, I need to be accountable to somebody since I can't find my will power. So here goes another confession and then a true-blue binding contract.
Friday when I went to Smiths to buy 16 pounds of peppers for salsa they were of course having their 3 for $1.00 deal on candy bars, so I bought 6 Snickers for Matt's lunches. Well, 3 of them got eaten solely by me that afternoon.
Saturday on my way back home, I stopped at 7-11 in Provo because Kelsey needed to use the bathroom. I bought a king size Snickers and a Milky Way. I ate them both before I hit the mouth of the canyon. Kelsey did have a few bites, bless her heart.
So Sunday while Kendal and Matt were napping, Kelsey and I finished off the other 3 Snickers while playing a'12 Dancing Princesses' game. Today, I thought I needed to be a little better, and I was until around 4:00, when I broke into the bag of chocolate chips I bought last week that was intended for making COOKIES! This unfortunately has happened before. But when I bought this bag I had true intentions of making cookies, really. Well, we all know that an opened bag of chocolate chips is as good as gone and who wants cookies with only 1/2 bag of chocolate chips? So, I have been nibbling on them all evening. They are not yet completely devoured, yet.
So here comes the binding internet blog site contract. In order to keep my binging in check, I, Rachel will from this post forward, confess to everything I eat each day. And I promise to tell the TRUTH! Promise. So, please skip over that boring part of my post, but I know of no other way, just plain and simple avoidance of embarrassment should keep me in line!
Thank you all for your sympathy, support, patience, condolences, pity, and other various emotions.
I just had a thought, I didn't eat ANY chocolate from my freshman year in high school until midway through my freshman year of college. None, not one morsel, not even anything with cocoa in it. Someone tell me that there is some strange physcological behavior pattern that explains all this, please?


acrane said...

You are not alone I am right there with you chocolate is my weekness exspecially when its that time of month any ways you have more will power than any one I know. You are so funny

Mom said...

Chocolate is a necessary food group,,,,And some days more so than others,,,,If you deprive yourself, your body craves it, so ya binge when ya fiannly get it.
Just eat a little every day or every other day, and life is good,,,,,,*Smile*

Tori said...

Oh Rachel, please! First off you do NOT need to lose weight--you look great! I agree with mom, chocolate is necessary for sanity, especially since you have two kids. I am not eating hardly any chocolate lately, I can go several days--so I think you are just picking up my slack to keep the chocolate world in balance. I will try to eat my fair share so you don't have to carry my burden. :)

Anonymous said...

RACHEL!!!! You look great! I am way to much like you. I have no self control...I am a Chocoholic! It comes from my Dad's side. It's like a drug for me. I am cranky and *itchy with out it. Since I am doing the Sim Fast Diet, I choose Chocolate for most of my shakes becasue I need that little something-something:D I can't believe you went that long wtih out chocolate! What was your reasoning?

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Don't panic, I am just glad to know that you are a NORMAL HUMAN! We all have our weaknesses I never ate chocolate until I got married (just another thing to blame on Willie!) so my weakness is of course... doughnuts. If you have ener noticed, my fam has a thing for raspberry filled doughnuts. I have also passed this on to my children.

Rachel said...

My reasoning for deprivation of chocolate for a long 4 1/2 years was a bet. Can you believe that? Just double dog dare me or make a bet with me and you have total control over me, just because I don't want to lose.

Rachel said...

TORI, start eating your share so I am not obligated to. Thanks.


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