Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Many Uses of TP

At the Crane household, we have many uses of toilet paper. It really is a multi-use product. Here are just a few of our uses:
1. Use in the bathroom, as its intended use.
2. Use upstairs in our home as spider smooshers. This use is great because the spider is already prepared for burial in the toilet. If the spiders are downstairs, they just get the shoe.
3. Use as a nice Kleenex tissue, wiping up noses. Unfortunately, this has already occurred this fall, like TODAY!! Dang it.
4. Use as a disposable towelette to get toothpaste out of the sink.
5. Use as a musical instrument, the core off course. Kendal particularly loves this use.
6. Use as a Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, etc blanket. This use is demonstrated below.

Kendal's speech therapist came today and poor Kelsey would love to help with all the sessions, but she gets banned to the bedroom. She is a super sport about it though. Today she took Barbies, Ponies, Polly Pockets, and other various toys in my room and had a campout. There were not enough sleeping bags for everyone, so she improvised. Toilet paper squares worked just perfect.


Anonymous said...

What a smart child you have!! And look, she's saving you money by not having to buy her sleeping bags for all her ponnies and polly pockets. That was halairous!

Krista said...

What a resourceful child you have! Maybe you could give her a cheap roll of toilet paper that she can use so she won't waste your "good" stuff!

Rachel said...

Good Idea! That was good stuff too. I rarely buy the extra fat, double stuff, super wiper Charmin stuff, and that is what she was using! I don't buy John Wayne stuff either, just middle of the road TP

Brittany said...

I am laughing so hard--I remember doing that, and getting in so much trouble...for using the good stuff! So cute!

Rachel said...

Brittany, you had TP horse blankets too?


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