Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Boy it is nice that the weather is cooling off, it makes me want to cook again. It is a good thing my husband is not picky, because I have not cooked very good dinners this summer. But Sunday afternoon I cooked tin foil dinners in our fire pit outside, DELICIOUS!! I had dug up some red potatoes out of my garden on Saturday so I used them, wow, it was better than ice cream! I had been fasting for awhile, maybe that is why it tasted so good, but even if I hadn't been starving, it would have been wonderful. On Tuesday Sept 11, a 12 year old boy that lives 7 houses up from us goes into surgery. He has liver cancer. Please pray for him, his name is Andrew. That is why our family was fasting.
Even Kelsey, who for some strange reason didn't inherit her mother's love for potatoes liked these ones! We roasted some marshmellow also and it was such a pleasant afternoon and evening. I hate going to bed smelling like a smoke detector, so I showered while Kelsey had a bubble bath. Kelsey hadn't had a bubble bath for a LONG time and she loved it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds enjoyable. You have inspired me to get something done on my yard before the snow flies. We have almost got all of the weeds and rocks gone from the back yard and Robinsons is bringing the top soil in this week or next. Hopefully I can get grass planted, so that I can enjoy it next Spring. **Good Luck for your neighbor. I don't know how well I would be able to handle that.

Rachel said...

Hooray for inspiration!! Good luck with your projects, I hope you think it is worth it.(It is!)
When are you coming up here anyway? You should bring the girls up and visit for a night with ALL your FREE time!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, I love tin foil dinners. Infact, I thihnk I am going to make them in my oven tonight because it sounded so good. Eventually I would love to have a fire pit like yours. Maybe this fall. If you hear anything about Andrew's surgery, let me know. I guess they have set up a hot line for people who want info about the situation because the Arnolds were getting swamped with calls.

Anyway, I Love the fact that you used the measuring chart on my blog post. I was embarassed to check myself, but then I wanted to know if I would socially acceptable to the human eyes back then, LOL! I wouldn't have been. ALL my mesurements were off! What's new?


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