Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Love This Girl!

Let me set the scene: Last night, around 6:00, the girls and I go outside to enjoy the evening, turn a little water on, check on the garden, pick some raspberries, you know, September evening behavior. Kendal decided to take off down the sidewalk. I tell her to stop, she turns and looks at me and then just keeps cruising. I told Kelsey to follow her and not let her go in the road until I turned on the hose and then I would come and get her. Kelsey, being the oldest child, and somewhat 'motherly', runs in front of Kendal and tries to stop her. This makes Kendal angry and Kelsey is lucky she doesn't have teeth marks in her arm to prove it. (That happens once in awhile at our house. I never thought I would have a biter!) I see this all unfolding, so once again I holler at Kendal to stop and tell her to turn around, but now she feels the freedom of the run, and just keeps going. She didn't even look back at me this time!

So, off I go, down the sidewalk as fast as I can WALK. I didn't want to run and make a scene, or make it a chase game for the little fugitive. Kelsey keeps following her but as Kendal makes it to the corner and heads for the road, Kelsey stops because she knows that her mom will be SO ANGRY if she goes in the road. Kendal, she knows that too but she doesn't care, and so into the road she goes.
I am hot on her tail at this point and about 1/2 way across the road, after I have broke into a run, I catch her.

Well, Kendal knows what her punishment will be. Go back in the house by herself, get trapped on the deck, or get put up on the trampoline. There are some other physical punishment methods I use but will not report on at this time. I really wanted to get a few things done outside, and I didn't want the house torn apart by Kendal in there all by herself, so there went the good punishment option. I knew she would scream her little head off on the deck and strip down, and since Kendal had already been 'saved' a few weeks ago by a stranger passing by hearing her protests of being locked on the deck, I opted for the tramp.

So I put her on the tramp (she can't get off by herself, she doesn't dare, YET) and walked around the house to turn on the other hose. I came back in 40 seconds and this is what I found.

My friend had pulled up and was walking to the tramp while I was on the other side of the house, wondering where I was, why Kendal was naked, and why Kelsey was laying on the grass about to pee her pants laughing. I ran in the house for the camera while my friend watched her. I guess Kendal showed me didn't she!
Keep in mind I have NO fence, live on the corner, live on a pretty busy road, and it was around 6:00 pm, when EVERYONE is on their way home! I love this girl!

Just a quick update on Andrew, the 12 year old boy up the street. He went through surgery really well. They took a wedge of his liver out to test, but the doc said it didn't look too good. They were afraid his swollen lymph nodes were in trouble too, but they biopsied them today and they are fine. HOORAY! They put a chemo shunt in yesterday and I guess he will start that soon. They hope his extremely tumorous liver responds to it so he can get a liver transplant. Keep praying for Andrew!


Tori said...

Hee hee-- You definately got your hands full with this one! She cracks me up! What's with getting naked? Does she think she is punishing YOU by stripping down outside for everyone to see! I think she had some of her Grandpa in her!

Heather said...

Rachel what's up with all the naked pictures? Ha Ha
Ray was looking at this with me and said "Momma, I bet Kendall got in trouble for that!"

Rachel said...

Sorry to subject Ray to such horrible scenery. But Timp does look great in the background!
Ray is right, IN TROUBLE!

Mom said...

Oh My,,,,, i am laughing so hard, i have tears running,,,,
Ya just gotta love the lil nudist!
Still giggling,,,,,,, what a kid!

Rachel said...

Glad I could add tears to your day Mom! Sure, it is funny to everyone but her sweet modest mother!

Krista said...

Sorry Rachel, but I too cracked up when I read this! I love that your neighbor came to her aid! Thank goodness Anna hasn't figured out how to get her clothes off yet! I'm sure it will just be a matter of time!

Anonymous said...

OH MY!! Rachel, that is hystarical! Just think how many people saw her in that 40 seconds you were out of sight. She's going to have a sweet reputaion with the boys when she gets older, HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, not funny.

Thanks for the trail mix you left at my house. I heard the doorbell ring but I thought it was my boys out front with Mark packing the car for camping. They always ring the door bell and now I just ignore it when I know they are out there with him.

IT WAS SOOOOOO YUMMY! I ate the whole bag by myself and finished it off before we hit the sack. I was so good at not buying any tempting snacks for me while camping, but when I saw the bag I told myself I deserved it, so I ate it....alone! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Amanda, no problem. Glad I could help but I do have a horrible confession. I doubled the butter, I so didn't mean to, but I did accidentally. I am smart aren't I? The whoel 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, 1 cube thing gets me everytime. Last winter I made some brownies and did the same thing. Kelsey and I loved them, with a bunch of milk to wash down all the fat.
So, it wasn't supposed to be quite that good and buttery, sorry!
Krista, Anna will figure it out and soon. So I will get to read a post of yours about her stripping down soon!


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