Saturday, September 15, 2007

She's My Cherry Pie

We had a ward party tonight and I signed up to take a pie. I called my mother in law for her crust recipe, it is the best! Look at what I made! I was so proud of myself. I usually make apple pies and I end up eating them all by myself because Matt won't eat any. He informed me that I needed to make him a cherry pie every month. That is a good thing right?
There is a cool guy in our ward named Dick, he is a barber. He told me he was going to go home and die a happy man after eating my pie. I love him. He is also the one that tries to get Matt to skip out on Priesthood Meeting to go eat ham and eggs with him!
My cooking confidence has increased dramatically tonight, just what I needed! The pie plate was empty when I went to get it after dinner, but so were most of them!
A quick update on Andrew. We went to go visit him today at Primary Children's and take him an I Spy Quilt that was tied at Enrichment last week. He was pretty funny. He looked good and was in a super mood. He hasn't started treatments yet. He has a blog to update everyone. If you visit, leave him a comment. The Arnolds would love it.


Krista said...

It looks delicious! I'm jealous! I don't think I have ever even attempted to make a pie yet.

Rachel said...

Another confidence booster! Thanks Krista!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS PIE!!!! I could eat that all by myself in less that 24 hours. That is so funny about Dick....he craks me up. I am very envious of his barber shop on main street and the location. I WANT TO BUY IT!!!! Mark and I flaked out on the ward dinner. We came back form camping and it didn't even cross our minds. The meat makes it all worth while! Oh well, next year! Thanks for the web site on the Arnolds! We are going to try to head up there today.

Anonymous said...

You did say there was going to be pie! Well I guess I know what your Thanksgiving assignment is going to be (and remember each guy eats about one on his own)


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