Friday, September 28, 2007

The Man of Our House

I was laying in bed last night trying to shut of my amazing brain, and I was thinking about this blog. Everyone hears all kinds of things about me and the girls, but not much about Matt, Moo-Moo, Matty, Crane, Daddy, the man of our house. So here it goes.

Matty wakes up every morning at 6:00, gets out of bed at 6:11, gets in his green car and leaves the house anywhere from 6:28 to 6:32. He drives 75 miles to Roy to go to work. (that is why our house is for sale) He works at a small animal clinic on Riverdale Road. He is supposed to have a 2 hour lunch, and most days it is close to that. He spends his lunch break eating the marvelous lunch I made him just that morning, although once in awhile he goes to Harmons and supplements his marvy lunch. Also during his lunch he goes to Sportsmans Warehouse, just down the road, occasionally. All the employees there know him! He takes a nap in his car every now and then, and at Christmas time, he runs errands for me. He is 5 minutes away from JoAnns, Target, Sams Club, Walmart, Circuit City, Sportsmans, etc etc etc.
He gets off work at 6:00 and heads home, unless of course, he has vet work to do on his way home. A few nights a week he stops in Kamas, or Coalville, or Park City, or Henefer, or goes to Charleston, or where ever to do his own business. He loves this of course because one, it is usually large animals, and two, it is for him and only him, he is the boss.
So after he gets home, normally around 7:20 if he doesn't stop anywhere, he sits down to a very well set and prepared table for a delicious dinner prepared by his wonderful wife. Oh, I forgot, he gives hugs and kisses all around before we eat. When Kendal hears the garage door open, she drops everything and runs for the back door to greet her DA DA. While his amazing wife promptly cleans up dinner, he wrestles and reads with the girls. It is so nice to have the girls attention on someone other than me. So nice. So, the girls go to bed and Matt goes and lays on our bed and reads vet magazines, cow mags, textbooks (no kidding!), or a Cabelas mag. If he is not in the mood to read, he watches a hunting DVD. In the summer there wasn't a delicious dinner very often and we spent all evening outside swinging, jumping, sandboxing, and watching Matty shoot his bow.

Then our man of the house goes to bed. That is the incredible lifestyle of the rich and famous Matt. We sure love and appreciate his hard work to let us live such a good life. He is a terrific dad, a super husband, and a good guy.

Okay, food, my favorite subject.

Last night after my stroganoff, I didn't eat anything! That is amazing for me. So today's breakfast was a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and I also had another piece of banana bread (thank goodness for visiting teachers) and the other 1/2 of Kelsey's piece. You just can't let good things go to waste! I am going to go outside and spray weeds while Kendal is asleep and when I come back in I will have some lunch. Who knows, maybe an herbicide laced sandwich is a real calorie burner! Geez, I will wash up!

Okay, lunch was a bologna and cheese sandwich. I know that sounds awful to some, but I truly love bologna and spam! I also had 10, I counted, cheetoes, and some cucumber slices. Matt just called and has to stop in Coalville and float a horses teeth, so we are not waiting on him for dinner. I just had a delicious hot dog with our yummy relish for dinner. Oh dang, I forgot, at around 4:00 I had some chips and salsa. Okay, that is enough embarrasment for the day, I will not eat another morsel.


Buttons said...

We love ya Matt Crane..!!

Anonymous said...

Matt you are a lucky guy! Wish my wife did all that for me :) - joe

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing about your food entry!!!!!! I love your honesty:)

Ok, Matt is an amazing Dad and husband. I am in awe about how hard he works for him and his family. He is very deticated and I can't beieve how far he drives to work!! WOW!!! And you Rachel, how in the world do you do it??? Amazing! He is gone for so long and you have the kids all day and no satalite TV??? You always have a smile and a bra on....oh and you are dressed with shoes! Again, how do you do it?

Rachel said...

Oh Joe, I bet Lindsay cooks dinner AND rubs your feet!
Actually, I bet Lindsay wrote that because Joe won't comment!
Amanda, thank goodness there is no satellite TV because then there really wouldn't be dinner ready. You already know about my self-control, all I would do is watch the history channel, oh, and HGTV!!

Anonymous said...

Actually Rachel I really did make the comment. :) joe

Rachel said...

good to hear from you man!

Tori said...

Yeah for Matty!


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