Monday, October 01, 2007

A Good Weekend

Just a few pictures, okay, a bunch of pictures from the weekend. Sunday after church, dang we are a cute family!

My sweet girls in new dresses. Kendal even has a bow in her hair! She was utterly distracted by Matt while I did it, she has no idea it is there. If she did, it would be ripped out!

Kelsey had a friend over Saturday and they wanted to color. Kendal wanted to so badly also. So I got out all 3 bar stools, this is a big event! Normally two chairs are in the laundry room, and one is in the garage. The two in the laundry room only get pulled out when Kendal is strapped in her high chair or asleep. She likes to climb on them and then climb up on the bar-table and dance. I am perfectly fine with that, truly, but then she opens the cupboards and empties its contents, jumps the sink, and heads straight for the range top to do her final number. Oh yeah, and shreds the loaf of bread on the way! Anyway, so all bar stools were out and Kelsey gave her a page out of her coloring book and a crayon. Look at the pure joy on her face by being with the big girls! Oh yeah, and notice how I got rid of the Cheetos, I let the girls eat them. That means less for me at my moments of weakness!

Kelsey took about 30 pictures of Kendal and I dancing and kissing and loving. I am so glad she lets me do that more and more!

She looks quite miserable I just noticed. She really WAS having a good time.

Matt's birthday is today, but since he is gone, we celebrated on Sunday. Dig the wrap job by mom and Kelsey? I made him a cherry pie, his favorite, as is German Chocolate Cake. They had a party for him at work today and got him his favorite cake, thank goodness! Last year I made him his favorite cake and he is the only one that likes coconut. So he ate a few pieces and the rest went in the garbage! Nasty coconut icing! By the way, the pie IS NOT in the box, just in case you were wondering!

Oh, Kelsey and Kendal were a little wild in their slips after church. It was so darn cute. They are playing Ring around the Rosies in the hall, hooray Kendal!! So cute I had to take a couple of pictures, okay, about 9.

I am happy to report I will not be reporting on yesterday's food consumption, although it wasn't too bad. (I hate cherry pie!) I am also happy to report that since I started my 'Embarrassment Diet' I have lost 12 pounds. I am totally just kidding, but I did buy a scale today at our favorite store, KINGS! I just looked down and reminisced the old days, I saw an empty chocolate chip package in the garbage in our computer room. Oh, the good ol' days of binging!!

Today has been good food wise. I started it out with Captain Crunch (very important), had pasta and peas for lunch, almonds for a snack, I held myself to 1.5 ounces instead of all 12!! We just had dinner, spaghetti and I even steamed some veggies to go with it! Man, I am getting serious people! I just licked the lid of Kendal's nightly pudding off too! Yummy, and I licked the spoon when she was done! Amanda Lee, you are right, we do share the same love for food. I love ya girl!


Krista said...

What a cute little family you have! Anna also loves to just sit at the bar and color. I think it makes them feel big. look great (and skinny) in the picture of you in jeans and the black t-shirt! Keep up the good work!

Mom said...

I loved the pics,,,, Kelsey and Kendal really look like they are enjoying each other,,, and Yes! you do have a dang cute fam,,,,, listen to Krista, you ARE skinny!

mom again said...

And p.s.,,,, the look alike dresses are "darling" Good Job.

Rachel said...

mom, Krista, I hate to burst your bubbles, but if I showed you all the picture taken right before that one of me holding Kendal, it wasn't as close up, and you would realize that Kendal is actually sitting on my gut. Honestly, but I couldn't put that one on!! Yuck!! I picked the 'slimming picture.'

Rachel said...

And Krista, those are lazy Sunday scrub bottoms, but thanks so much for making me feel good!!

Tori said...

Looks liek Kendal is coming around a bit! it's so nice to see her actually playing with Kelsey rather than beating her up!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you look great in theose pics. I wish I had your slender face....wanna trade? Your girls are just darling!! Seriously, they are beautiful. It must be so nice to see Kendal acting more herself. I had no idea that little girls wear slips....I have a lot to learn. I have one.....and now that i am thinking of it I have no idea where it is...hmmmmmm?

I love them in their slips, socks, and shoes. Cute new dresses BTW! Happy B-day Matt!

How's that Slim Fast holding you off. It's hard at first because your stomache has to shrink and get used to less food. Eventually, it will satisfy you! Give it a good week. I am soooooo proud you went and got a scale. I weigh myslef about 15 minutes after I wake up and of corse naked becasue I won't even let a sock get in the way of the numbers. Thomas walked in this morning and saw me naked from behind on the scale and seriously went in to loud laughter. At first I was ebarasseed but then he kept laughing and laughing and lauging as I am scurring for my garmies and then I broke down and got a little snitsey with him and told him that it wasn't funny amymore. He told me I looked funny naked. I wanted to go stuff my face with chettos:( :( :( It's all good now. Sometimes you need your childrens honesty for a good reality check. He'll be scarred for life with that hot view from my behind, lol!

Epperson Family said...

It's so great to Kendal so happy. She is such a cute, sweet little girl, Ray has always thought so, yet it's nice to see her true personality coming out.
I'm glad I'm only beholdin' to the weight watchers group about how much a really eat, and lose. You are truely skinny and if you want to appear even skinnyer come stand by me!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey is such a poser! Cute pics!


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