Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Cranes Leave the House!!

We were invited to go bowling tonight. It was a little rough talking Matt into going, but we made it. Matt woke up early near Koosharem (go look that one up on your map!) this morning and did a little vet work and then drove 3 hours home, just to leave again to do more vet work in Coalville. He was tired, but he went bowling with us.

Kelsey loved it and once Kendal got the hang of just pushing the ball off the ramp, she liked it too. The first couple of times she was really concerned about that big pretty ball of hers going away from her. She chased it a little ways down the lane and I ran after her and we both promptly landed on our softly cushioned rears. That lane was so waxed up I think there was zero friction, just lotsa glide. Remember learning in physics class (thanks by the way Mr. Petersen!) about what would happen if there were zero friction? Things would just keep going at a steady rate and never slow down. Well, I didn't slow down, I was on my hiney before I even knew it! There were a bunch of preteen boys bowling by us and they really enjoyed the show.

Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey, she had a great time. She likes bowling and she likes to play with Jacob and Aiden. It was a perfectly good time for her.

These are our friends, Jen (amazing mother of 3, yes 3 boys), Brian, and their boys who invited us to leave our cozy little boring home for the evening and bowl with them.

I showed Kelsey the little air blowers.

This is Kendal learning about taking turns. She really did pretty well.

What do I say here? This is us, bowling! Thanks Jen and Brian for a nice change and getting us out of the house for something other than work and the grocery store!


Krista said...

How fun! We have been debating about taking Anna bowling, but didn't know if she as too little. Sounds like we can give it a shot!
BTW...You look great in that photo! Super skinny!

Mom said...

Agrees with Krista, looks fun,,,,,, and from what i can tell from your hair,,,,, Great haircut! ya look awesome.

acrane said...

rachel cute hair you chopped it. I am glad ¥ou had a great time bowling we need to take our girls it sound like fun I guess we will probably have to wait until jan well have a great week

Adree said...

Rachel I love your hair. Who's doing it now? Oh and PS you look tiny. What are you doing to lose it? I need help.

Anonymous said...

Fun Stuff! Sounds like fun and you look great. Hope they had a fun ride home with all the goodies I sent. We had fun seeing them for the short amount of time Saturday. Matt will have a new appreciation for you and being so clean at home after seeing my tornado hit home!!

Rachel said...

You guys are totally flattering me, do you all realize that the picture I posted only shows about 1/4 of my rear end and thighs? But thanks for thinking good of me!
I did chop my hair off, it is so fun and liberating. I was in a rut, a big hair rut and now I am out!
Mindy, Kelsey and Matt loved all your snacks, and Matt will not stop talking about your jerky!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. We still have never gone bowling up here in Heber. Maybe we should try.

I am very jelious you have other friends. I would appriciate it if you would inform me of your outings with other people beside me. I thought we had an agreement that you were to stay homebound unless you were out with your friend Amanda Jones???? What up with dat? HAHAHAHAHA, SO kidding. I can't rememebr the last time we went out with another couple or family. I know, I need to get out and explore socializing a little more. I did leave my blinds open to the world for three days, still not dressed though. You look darling and sexy with your new H/C.

Rachel said...

Amanda, we have lived here for 5 years on Halloween, and I think that is the first time we have gone anywhere with another family/couple. Matt is the worst homebody I know. And you have no idea what it took to get him to go. Ever seen a mean-mamma fit? Well, be glad you missed this one!

Tori said...

Rach-your hair is way cute! You are way more daring than me! I love Kendals sad face--she looks like a pic that mom has of you!


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