Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just a little more.

Just a few more pictures from my wonderful weekend. My mom and dad, they are SO groovy!

Matt and Kendal. I love this picture of them. Kendal sure loves her daddy. Last night when she heard him come home, she nearly tore off the back door knob trying to get out to the garage to see her da da.

Matt looks thrilled doesn't he? Someone should tell him how lucky he is to have such an amazing wife! Just Kidding, I am sure he knows because I remind him all the time!

I do want to give everyone the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows update. Matt finished his book on CD, well actually 17 CDs yesterday morning on his way to work. When I got home from my parents' house on Sunday night, Matt was in his green car, in the garage listening to it. This was around 7:20ish. I brought the girls in, fed them, got them to bed, and he was still in the garage. I opened the door and offered to pop him a bag of popcorn, but he didn't want any. He stayed out there until around 10:40. I was in bed when he came in. He said he wasn't finished, but close. At least he knew what the major outcome was. So he finished the last CD on his way to work the next morning.
My Harry Potter adventure lasted until midnight last night and then I told myself I had to go to bed. I don't read during the day because my kids would be totally forgotten, so I will read some more tonight. I am on page 638 of 750ish, so I am getting really close to finishing and it is getting so exciting!! Matt is horrible with secrets and he wants to tell me so bad what happens. I keep telling him to just shush.
Our friend Joe made the comment that Auer and Stick should be on CD for Matt. Auer and Stick are authors of an Equine Surgery textbook Matt has. He would totally love it!! Joe, I thought of you and hung my head in shame last night when I went to bed because I was so caught up with Horcruxes and Harry Potter, I didn't post last night. I will do better. JK Rowling is just so amazing!!


Jenny said...

Groovy parents Rachel, I love that picture of Kendal as well. I am only on book number 3 of Harry potter so I will have bust a Grundy to catch up.
Love you all, what a great weekend... Thanks again for the invite.

Jenny said...

oh, when Matt read's this blog he will know how awesome you are, because I can't stop talking about you and him and your kids.


Mom said...

Matt Crane,,,, you have the most awesome,,sexy, cute, nice,a little weird( but then who isn't) wife in Heber city Utah.

your awesome, sexy (that is a stretch), cute, nice, and a little wierd daughter said...

Thanks mom


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