Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rabbit Ears

This weekend has been General Conference for the LDS folk, or Mormons. I listened to alot of it yesterday on the radio in my car driving from house to house, but today, we watched it on TV. Now, we have had a TV for about 1 1/2 years. We do not have cable, satellite, or a dish. We do not even get the main 3 or 4 channels. We watch DVDs and a few VHS movies on our TV. So today, the neighbors brought over their rabbit ears so we could get General Conference. It was good. Kelsey still doesn't get the TV concept though, she thinks she can pause or stop anything!! And she has NO idea what commercials are.

I am just going to tell you a few snippets of what I enjoyed about Conference today. I really did enjoy it, all four hours of it today.
Elder Eyring, who is the new member of the First Presidency since President Faust passed away this fall, challenged everyone to write down everyday something that God has done for you or your family that day. He said it may be hard at first, but with the Holy Ghost helping us realize how much our Heavenly Father does for us everyday, we will begin to understand that God helps and blesses us more than we thought. He emphasized that God touches our lives everyday, whether we know it or not.
Sister Beck was amazing. She talked about the 2000 Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon and the faith they had and had learned from their mothers. There is a verse in the scriptures that says something about 'their mothers knew.' Sister Beck based her talk on this phrase and talked about today, mothers that know and how mothers nourish their children and teach them. She said that mothers that know, keep the nasty outside influences of the world out of their homes, and provide a place for happiness and good things to occur. I loved hearing her talk, it was good for me.
Elder Richard G. Scott's talk was awesome. He talked about the immensity of the universe, the galaxies, all of the heavens and how amazing they are and that God our Father created it all. He talked about DNA, protons and some other words I have never heard of that mean really small matter and how God made all that too. He talked about the scientific method and the knowledge man has gained from using it, knowledge that our Father in Heaven has a PERFECT knowledge of. He told us that God's wisdom and knowledge is all encompassing and that his love for each of us is also. He testified that God is our father, he loves us, cares about us, he is kind and merciful, and he know us. I felt so touched by this talk. It hit me hard, God created and knows everything, including me.

There was a cool guy from the Seventy that grew up in South America, I can't remember the country but he had an awesome accent, his last name was Zivic. He started his talk out so funny, he said that in all the years of General Conference, nobody has died giving a talk, but please forgive him if he does. I guess he was petrified to be talking to 13 million members all over the world! His kicker was that as LDS people, we should not be ordinary. I really liked that because it makes my strangeness okay!!
Well, there is a few of the thoughts I heard and liked today from the leaders of our church. It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

I am still alughing at the rabbit ears theing. What nice neighbors you have. That's why you can't leave:( Thomas is just barely grasping the concept of commercials and that the show returns after them. He used to just walk out or even cry because he thought it was over and that was it!

Anonymous said...

Your better than me. I have TV and still managed to not watch /listen to it. My house got a long needed cleaning and I actually made soup (that breaks all of the time limitaitons for dinner at my house) One bonus-the television is a dust collector at our house. It hasn't been turned on for 3-4 days now. YEAH!!

Anonymous said...

I failed to mention that Will thinks we need satellite with the "long boring winter nights" ahead. So after a couple years with this battle, we have satellite coming today. Not that anything will change for me, I don't have time whether there is something to watch or not. I do like to have something (tv or radio) going while I clean, silence is a killer for me. I'll keep you posted if it increases our tv time or not.

Krista said...

I also really liked what President Eyring said. It really made me think. The other talk I really appreciated was on Sunday afternoon by a member of the 70 from Mexico that talked about losing his daughter yet giving out the chocolates anyway. It really hit home for both Rob and I. All in all I thought it was a great conference.

Rachel said...

Mindy, tell Will there is another basement ready to begin if he is that bored this winter!!

Krista, I remember that talk. It was a good one. I am so glad you and Rob are so good. You inspire me. Your perspective is refreshing about it all.

Epperson Family said...

I remember taking notes at the first part of President'e Eyring's talk but because of the children I didn't remember what we were suppose to write everyday. I'm glad you took better notes.

Rachel said...

no problem

Jenny said...

In my house "you can" pause and fast forward tv. We are spoiled... I can't believe you remember so much of what you heard. Welcome to TVO, I recorded it and watched it over and over, but could not have given such a great recap of the wonderful talks I heard.... U R awesome


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