Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kendal gets away with murder, or equal to it

Saturday afternoon Kelsey went with a friend for a few hours and that meant Kendal had the run of all the toys with nobody to get mad at her or take them away from her. She loved it. Kendal is alone with me when Kelsey goes to Kindergarten, but I usually make her take a nap while sis is gone. So Kendal had a great time.

I caught her dancing with Genevieve, a major no no when sister is here!

She loved playing with Kelsey's off-limits big Barbie doll. See that look on her face? She knows she is getting away with a Class B felony at our house!

She also got to play with a little jewelry!

I think her favorite was the roller skates. She actually did really well, I would say better than the 5 year old, until she hit the tile. Right after this picture was taken the camera got put away and I had a little lovin to do. She is usually pretty tough when it comes to falling down, but she sure let me know she was either hurting or really mad about falling on her little patoot!


Krista said...

I love the picture of her dancing with the doll. But you are right, she does have a mischevious look on her face! What a cutie!

Mom said...

Cute, cute cute,,,, I love it.

Tori said...

Now I have a Christmas gift idea!!! She needs her very own of some of these things that Kelsey can not take away!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! (Why don't you come clean my house) Did Kelsey notice anything was out of place? You need to destroy the evidence(pictures) for Kendal's sake!

Anonymous said...

That doll looks soooooo real. I would have loved one like that. I only had the head barbie doll that was the size of a real person's head, except the body stopped at the sholders. Little disturbing now that I think about it:)

Kendal is in heaven. Love the look on her face. AS long as Kelsey doesn't know and Kendal doesn't tell all is good! Momma says go for it!

Rachel said...

I just wanted to let you know that Kelsey just saw those pictures of Kendal with HER toys and she said,"AHHHHH, that is so cute."
She is not the policewoman I make her out to be - --- SOMETIMES!


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