Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jen's Party

My friend Jen, the amazing mother of 3 boys, had a Halloween Party yesterday. We went and we had a great time. She had the kids frost cookies and I only had one, or was it two?

The kids decorated pumpkins with the cutest plastic face parts that just poked into the pumpkins. The kids all thought that it was so funny with the crazy faces they made.
We also bobbed for apples. The kids were having a great time. Jen used warm water thank goodness!

Some of the kids seemed to be having a rough time getting an apple, so the moms had to give it a try. I think the last time I bobbed for apples was my freshmen year at the Senior Halloween Carnival. I remember Grant Olsen contaminating the water, so that didn't last long! I also remember the nastiest and grossest spook alley I ever went to in the girls locker room. Small town spook alleys are always bloody since Halloween is around the deer hunt. That is enough said.

Kelsey got soaked and wanted to do it again and again!!

Where was Kendal during all the fun? Jen has a great backyard with a bunch of bikes and scooters. Kendal loved it. Her little nose and hands were freezing. She did come in for a little candy every now and then.

Thanks for a good time Jen. Kelsey is still talking about all the gross things they felt with their hands like Frankenstein's eye balls, somebody's intestines, and a bunch of other grody stuff that Kelsey loves!


Epperson Family said...

Hey it looks like you had a blast at the party. What fun! STILL LOVE THE HAIR!

Anonymous said...

How creative, you guys are ambitious! Sounds like a lot of fun. (What happened, I thought you guys had snow)

Anonymous said...

Wow that Jenny is some amazing mom, having a halloween party for her three awesome boys... She is so cool, no wonder she is your friend..


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