Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One of Rachel's quirks

A few nights ago I woke up around 3:30 to a strange noise. I thought it might be Kendal kicking the bed frame or something, but as I listened closer, I realized it was right outside my bedroom window. It was a scraping and tapping sound. So I got up and peeked out the window to see if it was I thought- a deer. And yes it was. A buck was totally using my poor little sumac as a rubbing tree. I opened the shade and it ran away a few steps. I could see antlers, but I couldn't tell how big he was. He walked, or should I say strutted around the house to the front. I went to my front window to get a better look and to see if I could tell how big he was. He strutted, I mean a true blue, male strut right up to the stop sign on the corner, gave it a nice rub and slowly walked to the neighbors' yard. The nerve!!

So today was so beautiful, I went outside to do some more fall yard work and look at what I found ALL over my lawn! Little piles everywhere. Then look at my poor little sumac, he rubbed all the bark off in a few places!

My sumac has not looked this sad all summer, it already lost its leaves. There are branches, you just can't see them!

Kendal's speech therapist came today. It went well. It reminded me that the occupational therapist that came last week and told me to get Kendal a sensory rice bin. So when Kelsey went to school, I got out the rice bin I made her and she had a great time. This is a big step for me, I hope you all realize that. I am pretty much a nuerotic, psycotic, control freak, mess hater. This was a big deal for me. Do you see the rollerskate on the floor in the picture? I left in there on purpose because the occupational therapist told me last week that my house is too clean (if she only looked in the bathrooms and under my bed!). She also told me last week that I am too strict. I set limits and then I hold my girls to the limits I set. Since when was that a bad thing? I am not a Nazi parent or housecleaner and my children are not perfect listeners, that is for sure! Anyway, she loved it, but as soon as the rice started to leave the bin in large quantities, we were done with that exercise!
I really loosened up today, as you can tell, I let my girls paint. Kelsey gets to paint every now and then with watercolors, but never with real paint, let alone Kendal! This is another occupational therapist idea. She bought these fun poster paints at our wonderful Kings for Kendal to play with when she came last week. She had just told me that my house was too clean when she got the paints out for Kendal, so I let my blood pressure and pulse hit the ceiling without saying anything when she opened one and handed it to Kendal. As I was breathing quite rapidly watching my 2 year old paint, I just kept telling myself that this lady went to extra schooling for a few years and that she knows what she is doing.

So a few days ago we went to Kings and bought some poster paints of our own. I finally broke down today and let them paint. Kelsey has been asking me for 4 days to paint. I figured the rice escapade went okay (although I still had to vacuum again!!) so what the heck, let the kids paint!

They had a super time. I sure hope it comes out of Kendal's shirt!! See Kelsey's apron? Kendal wouldn't leave hers on!

By the way, my friend Brittany had a little girl last week. Her name is Malia. She came 5 weeks early, but all is well and they came home a few days ago. I can't wait to see her, I bet she is gorgeous!

One more thing, I just started the 7th Harry Potter book a few days ago, even though it has been in my possesion for a few months! I had a quilt to finish when it first came out, and then I just kept telling myself different things I had to get done before I could start it. So, I was too lazy to reread the 6th one to remind myself about the current situation. Could someone please tell me the significance of the R.A.B. locket?


Mom said...

Rachel,, We have the most georgous, awesomelooking 3 point deer, that comes down at odd hours to eat the crabapples off the lawn,,,,, wowowo He is a beautiful creature,I be real quiet and just watch him.
And i can relate to the kids and mess things,,,but at least rice is not not sticky,,(like suckers) but i guesss if it helps Kendal,,, then a li rice on the carpet is worth it.By the way, she looks so happy,,,,, actually they both do,,,,, you go girl!

Mom Again said...

and p.s. Glen is deer hunting, so that is why he has not posted, he should be back to work soon tho, i think.

acrane said...

Rachel remember it was suposed to be a horclux that harry and dumbledore found at the end of book six but harry discovered the horclux was replaced by the locket.
Your brave to start that book I decided I would start it when I had thebabe
and remeber the dendrites that are sparking when you let your girls experiment and play like that it makes them more creative. Kendals little brain was probably growing tonz of little dendrites while she was painting and playing in tbe rice and always remeber the messes do clean up I promise J/k
well as for the clean house thing I wish mine looked like yours.
you are a great mom
just a little ocd at times j/k
Well have a great night and day tomorrow
Talk to ya soon

acrane said...

sorry about all of the speling errors

Tori said...

Well, if your house is too clean, mine will be perfect! Hee-hee -totally gives an excuse "I have to have a semi-messy house so my kids can grow" Love it! You are a little bit of an OCD mess hater, but not bad, there are definately worse. And maybe the lady should think that you cleaned because she was coming. Anyway, Kendal looked thrilled! Love her little smile.
P.S. I started and "art box" at my house for Taylor, filled with stuff that I don't care if it gets ruined. She thought that it was cool to have her own craft supplies.

Anonymous said...

How creative. Those little poster painters are no big deal and if the shirt didn't come clean, Oh WELL! You are such a bargain hunter I'll bet you could replace it for........$1.00 and look at their smiling faces.....priceless.

Epperson Family said...

If you really want to have a fun sensory experience with Kendal let her finger paint with pudding. It's lots of fun and you can lick off your fingers when you're done. Paint on constuction paper and then when it is dry(takes a few hours) Cut it into siloutes of animals. I have more Ideas if you want.

Krista said...

I can't believe you had a deer in your yard. That's so great!
I'm impressed that you let the girl's paint with real paint! That would not have happened in my house! Just another example of what a great mom you are!

Jenny said...

Rachel, you OCD? I think you have surpassed OCD... I love that I stop by unexpected and your house is spotless. You are excited that I spot a toy under a chair.... Point being that you picked it up before I even left... You are my HERO!!! I want to grow up and be like you some day...
Kendal's therapist went to extra school for nothing. What a waste for her, let me tell her how it is. I will give her a schooling that will do her some good.
I need her to come to my house so she can see how absolutly great you really are...
From your mom and sister's comments it sounds like it runs in the family. I need lessons!


Rachel said...

Yes, OCD in a small way, maybe. But we won't talk about that will we mom?
Amanda, thanks for the dendrite cheerleading, you are awesome.
The pudding thing will have to wait until I take some medication!


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