Sunday, October 28, 2007

A nice fall day in God's Country

Why have I been slacking in the post writing? I have not been reading Harry Potter all weekend, I ran away and headed south. My girls and I, and my friend Jen and her 3 boys spent the weekend at my parents' house. We had a super time. On Saturday we went down to Capitol Reef and spent the day letting the kids run and run and run. The day started out pretty cold, but it turned into a super fall day for a little playing and a picnic.

Here are the 5 kids of the weekend. They had a blast playing at Capitol Reef.
They got along pretty well most of the weekend, but Sunday afternoon they were getting a little snappy and sassy, and oh yeah, dramatic and crying (that would mostly be the females of the crew!). Kelsey, Jacob, and Aiden had a good little trio going on. Kendal and Jack had a 2 day pushing contest going on. I am not sure who won, but it didn't matter because when we got back to Heber City, Kendal just kept saying "Jack Jack, Jack Jack" and wanted him. I think she might have pulled his hair when she got to him, but it was just so heart-warming to hear her call his name!

Here is me, my new haircut, and my sweet little girls.

Kelsey and Kendal
One little tidbit, I forgot to pack Kelsey a jacket or even a sweatshirt (I packed Kendal 4 of each!) so she had to wear her pajama top over her shirt. How smart am I? Although Jen let her wear one of the 17 jackets she packed. I love it when I do smart things!
There are alot of deer hanging around the orchards at Capitol Reef that are not afraid of people. This little herd let the kids get pretty close to them before running off across the river to safety. Mom and Dad, thanks for letting us stay and have such a good time. Thanks for feeding us and keeping the little ones busy. Jen, thanks for still being my friend after you learned some of the wierdness of me. You really did just hit the tip of the Rachel-iceburg, there is alot more wackiness and undesirable traits of mine to be uncovered. I will try to keep most of it hidden, for everyone's sake.


Tori said...

Looks like tons of fun! I am glad the weather was decent for you. Your hair is so dang cute!!! I hope that Jen does not think you are too wierd knowing where you gre up and meeting our GROOOVY mom! Love ya Ma!

Mom said...

Love Ya Both! My Groovy Girls.
Ma???? lol

Jenny said...

I heard a lot about you Tori... and I love your groovy mom with her groovy shoes and her awesome "legs." Can't wait to meet you and your new little one (in May)!

Thanks Ma Buttons for everything, we all had a blast. Sorry to keep you up late talking, I enjoyed every min. with you and pa pa. Jack still says "where's pappa, where's kendal" (as best as Jack can say Kendal.)

Marion, thanks again for the Salsa, and for playing with my boys. God's Country rules!!!!

P.S. I have my new favorite word.. GRUNDY


Mom said...

Oh My Hell,,,, When i read the Grundy thing, I about fell off my chair gigging,,,,,and Jen it was great to meet you and your boys.
Any time i need a giggle, i will just think,,,Grundy, Grundy, Grundy.

Tori said...

Apparantly there was some Grundy action in Wayne?! Is dad rubbing off some of his moo-joo? Mom-I have called you Ma before--remember?
Jen-I am just as wierd as my mom and sis--just a bit more blunt and crude! I might scare ya!

Rachel said...

Tori, Grundy is the new Belnap word. Jen thought it was such a crazy name, and it seemed like we talked about the Grundys alot. There really aren't that many Grundys down home, but the name sure came up often.


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