Saturday, October 06, 2007

House Hunting

While Matt is hopefully taking the life of an elk today, the girls and I went house hunting. My sister Tori's husband Jared is our real estate agent and they set up 7 appointments today for us. It was a fun, long day. We left our house at 10:30 this morning, drove to 9000 south in SLC to meet my mother in law and sister in laws for a little while. We met at Tai Pan Trading Company (some spelling help I know). That is an amazing store! I have heard how great it is, but until you see for yourself, you will never get the jist of it. It is awesome!!

Well, we didn't stay there long, we drove north for an hour and met Tori and Jared and the fun didn't stop. It was a snowy, rainy day, but still very good. Of the seven houses, I liked 5 of them. Tori and I decided one house was haunted. It was the one I really liked the best online and on Google Earth, DARN IT!! It really was creepy, beautiful details, but creepy. The other house that got kicked off my list was just plain nasty. The yard was perfect, the house was horrible. Okay so some picture for you all.

This house was vacant, but you can tell that good mormons used to live here because look at that water storage!! You can't see it too well in the picture, but there are a few 2 liter Diet Coke (caffeine free I am sure) bottles filled with water. That is the kind of neighbor we all need when we all get quarantined to our homes for 3 months for the bird flu!!

This house had a great grape arbor, and the grapes were everywhere. Bunches of grapes hanging down all over, I had a few, not bad. Seedless and sweet!

We had to do the shoe routine at most of the houses because it was so muddy from the snow and rain.

I love this house. It is a log cabin. Kelsey had seen the pink carpet when we looked at this one online. She knew exactly where to go to find it. Kendal and her have found a little cubby hole with pillows.

The fire was so toasty!! It felt so good, real heat and real warmth. My dad makes fun of my grandma and I because we say furnace heat is so different from fire heat. It is true, fire heat is so good!!

More shoes, I love the front porch too!

It is kind of funny that I didn't take ANY pictures of the inside of this house. I was so excited about the barn, I forgot. When I walked into the tack room and smelled horse and leather combined, I inhaled good and hard. It smelled like home. This guy was very nice and VERY chatty!

Kendal loving the rain.

Sorry it is a fuzzy picture, but I had to show it. I loved this house and this room. I knew Matt would love this room too. Another wood burning stove!!!

Kelsey in the bathroom of the nicest house on the trip today. Why did I take one of the bathroom? Who knows? WAY nice house and on 1.41 acres. Actually all the houses are on at least an acre. That was part of my stipulations, if we are leaving Heber and not heading south, then we need some space!!

This WAY nice house had a quilting room! Look at that quilting machine frame! I knew I liked it!

This is the WAY nice houses kitchen. It was nice and big. The formal dining room was spectacular.

The WAY nice house from the front and Tori from the back!! She will not like this picture, but I must remind her that this one is better than the one I took of her striking a pose in front of the full length mirror at the log cabin house!! Love ya Sis!!

It was a long day, but my girls were great. They were so good! We got back to our house around 7:20 and cranked up the furnace!! Thanks for a good day Jared and Tori!!


Krista said...

I also love Tai Pan! I go in there to look and always end up buying something. I took Rob there for the first time a couple of months ago and he loved it!
So, where were these homes? I would love it if you ended up closer to me! I'm jealous that you are going to have so much land. How exciting for you!

Mom said...

Looks like fun,,,,and some great pics of the houses.
I hope the one you want stay vacant for ya.
Okay,so what is Tai Pan?? some kind of chinese store?

joe roberts said...

Wow, nice houses. So if you get a bigger place and more property then are you going to have to change the name of your blogspot?

Rachel said...

Krista, the houses are all north of Ogden and Roy, all those little towns that you haven't ever heard of. It is pretty up there, lots of fields, that is what I need! I am impressed you got Rob to go to Tai Pan, Matt would rather eat cactus than go somewhere like that with me!
Mom, awesome store. I am going Christmas shopping there for Angie.

Joe, I already thought of that! We'll see!

Tori said...

Rach- we did have a fun day! It was great and it always gives me ideas for my own home when we go looking. Thanks for not posting the "strike a pose" pic! That would have scared some of your readers away, but the big butt pic isn't that great! But at least I had cute pants on!

Anonymous said...

RRRRAAAACCCCHHHHEEEELLLL!!!!!! Are you guys actually moving? Since I don't drive down your street did you sell your the sign gone? YOU CAN'T LEAVE!

I like all those homes. I Love house hunting (when I have a good price range to work with, lol). I would just love a log cabin and I loved the porch on that one.

Right now my bottom lip is lowering in sadness just thinking of you possibly moving:(:(:(

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize it was that far north. Now I have some objections. I HATE driving clear up there to see Will's family,,,so we never go (not to mention that Will hates it more than me!)... You can't move that far away or you'll quit coming to visit. Actually, maybe that means an excuse to go on up to yellowstone, Idaho, etc. hum...

Adree said...

So it's finally happening. The big move. Have you sold your house yet?

Rachel said...

Okay folks, calm down. No our house is not sold, nor too close to it. I am just showing a little faith, thats all. I have been looking at these houses online all summer and I had to go see them for real so I would know if I really liked them or not. I had to go check out the neighborhoods and so forth. We are still here and will be for awhile.
Mindy, you act like we are moving to Idaho. It is not that much further up there. Did you expect me to live in Layton or Farmington? Not that those are not good places, they are, but Matt's commute would be a MAJOR headache from there!! No, north is good.
Tell Will to get a little adventureous!!

Epperson Family said...

I love the log house,with the porch. The pink carpet was cool too. I hate that matt has to drive so far for work, yet I'm so glad you are NOT moving. What would Ray do with out Kendal!


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