Friday, October 26, 2007

Potter Fans

Forgive my lack of a post yesterday, I am aftaid that Harry Potter has taken over my life. I held off reading yesterday until Kelsey went to school and Kendal was napping, and then I couldn't take it anymore. I read until Kelsey got home and I had to make myself put the book away, in the other room. When the kids were in bed last night, I got it out again and read for a few hours, instead of posting. Sorry!
It has even taken over Matt's life. Yes, the Matt you all know is listening to Harry Potter on CD in his car. He listens all the way to work, all during lunch, all the way home, and then if he is at a good part, he will sit in the garage and listen for a little while!


MARK JONES said...


Just remember when reading Dumberdorf came out of the closet this week. So remember this as your reading becuse it is a critical to the plot of the book.

Krista said...

Completely forgiven! I just started the "Twilight" books and I ran into the same problem a couple of days ago. Now I can't wait to get the second book. This isn't good because I have a ton of projects that need to happen before this baby comes.
Enjoy the book! It is a good one!

Epperson Family said...

Book seven made me mad in the middle, if that happens to you keep reading it gets lots better. Nothing gets done when I'm reading a good book. I read the Twilight series in a week and Eragon and Eldest took me a week and a half, Maybe it's just what your too clean house needs. A Good Book!
Love ya

acrane said...

Why do you think I haven't started it yet
They also consume me
so it okay
have fun reading! remember its the last one so sad

Rachel said...

Twilight is next, but by next I think it better be like March or something!


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