Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Super Trouper

I just got home from a Relief Society event where I was the cutest pig in the cutest skit about visiting teaching. My friend Amanda was the cow, and quite a few of my friends were also assorted barnyard animals. I just remembered I was going to take my camera and have someone take a picture of us in the performance of a lifetime for me, just so I could post it! Darn it! Anyway, I got home, paid the babysitter $10 for 2 hours, with a big plus because she had my kids in PJs already, gave the girls a little more to eat, and got them to bed. Now, I can tell you about my day. Just what you wanted.

Last night I stayed up late sewing. I do this quite often. It is the only time I can sew in peace without someone knocking and crying on the other side of the door or sticking their little chubby fingers under the door. So I sewed until about 11:30, not bad for me. Sometimes I can't shut er down until 1:00 or so. This is what I was sewing, it is called a round robin quilt. Our quilt guild is so fun, we meet this Thursday and I truly look forward to this night of the month more than any other.
Anyway, at the beginning of the year, they put us in Round Robin groups. Our group has 4 ladies in it. We decide rules and such and then everyone brings a 12" or so block that they made to pass around our group and 'round robin' around. I needed to get this finished to take on Thursday so I finished it last night, although I must admit it has been 2 months in the making.
So this round robin quilt center is my friend Cat's. She made the center block of 4 bear paws. She passed it to the next person and she added the cream triangles and red border. She passed it on and the next person added the flying geese border, she passed it to me and I added the last border. I get to give this back to Cat on Thursday and then Cat can do whatever she wants with it, it is hers. She can make it larger and into a big quilt or leave it small as a wall hanging. I am mostly excited to get mine back!! My center block is the cutest abstract apple tree, and the ladies have added the funnest borders to it. I will post a picture when I get it back.
So anyway, I was sewing until 11:30, crawled into my FREEZING bed and got to sleep by midnight. At 1:40ish I hear Kendal. DANG IT! I figure she is a big girl and can get back to sleep by herself. At 2:20 she is really mad and crying. I go in and fix her covers, get her settled back in and leave. This usually works, but not tonight. So instead of making this long story even longer, I will just tell you that between 2:20 am, my bed twice, her bed twice, a goose egg on her head the size of Texas, and various failed methods, by 6:30 I was DONE! She wasn't being horrible, she just wasn't tired. Okay, come to think of it she was a little horrible. She wanted to play, and if I wasn't with her, cry. So at 6:30 am, I turned on the light in her room, got out the toy box, closed the door, and got in my own bed, ALONE!!

Yeah, bad mom of the year but I figure the alternative of child abuse wasn't too good either. She played and I slept until about 8:30, and that is when Kelsey came into my room and informed me that Kendal's light was on and she was awake. As politely as possible, I told her I knew and that she better find something quiet to do for a little while. That lasted about 15 minutes.
So grudgingly I get up, open the door to the see where the tornado touched down in my home, and I get greeted by the biggest smile ever, and a great mess. I really thought she would crash sometime and just konk out!
Some mothers know what mornings are like when they start this way, and that is how ours went. Kendal and I walked Kelsey to school at 12:45 and on the way home, she FINALLY fell asleep in the stroller. So from 1:40ish am to 1:00 pm, my little trouper trouped. When I got home, I carried that 49 pounds of stoller and child up the steps, into my house, and wheeled that baby into the bedroom where I promptly closed the door and sighed. I did give her head a little boost with a pillow before leaving her. Good mom, I know.

She slept like this for about 1 1/2 hours and woke up. I loved her on the couch for a little while where she fell back asleep until I woke her at 5:30. I had to feed her something and get the groggies out before the babysitter got here! Little @#$#@!! I love her though. She went to bed great tonight, I hope she stays that way!


Epperson Family said...

I am so glad that she finally went to sleep for you. Ray pulled the no nap thing today, not a good day for that. He finally went to sleep during the soccer game and sleep for 45 mins. after we got home so I could frost the cake. So I guess it was a blessing in the end. I wish I could have come to R.S. tonight. I would have loved to seen that skit. When is Quilt guild again?

Mom said...

I don't know where you and Tori got your writing abilites from,,, Must be from your dad, cause it sure as heck is not me. I loved your detailing,,,, and i also love Cat's quilt thing, its georgous.
Like i told Tori the other day,,,, it DOES get better, (until the teenage years come),,, so just hang in there,,,, Your a awesome mother.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse, just keep telling yourself that. We usually forget the no sleep nights and the onery days. Hang in there! (I however will not be calling until you are caught up on your sleep) kidding Rach!

Amanda lee said...

What a night. I would have been the crankiest mother in the world if I had the night you had. Hey, you do what you got to do to keep you sanity as a mother so you don't apply harm to your sweet little child:) I can't tell you how many times Thomas woke up (when he was 6 months old) at 5am and I put him in the swing next to me in my bed room and I went back to sleep while he was wide awake, and I was in that you know half asleep half awake mode for two hours. It kept me sain for that day. SHhhhhh, don't tell any one, lol!

Quilt looks awsome. Very impressed rachel!

Tori said...

You are a great mom! You have more patience than me, that's for sure. I know that I can be a mom to a 5 yrs old and up, since I am. But I am worried about a baby. I got Taylor potty-trained, teeth in, talking, and pretty much self contained, so a baby kinda scares me! I will be giving you many phone calls for advice because I know that you are the best!


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